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Comment: Re:Security cameras... (Score 1) 650

by RandomActsOfViolence (#7305323) Attached to: Reading, Writing, RFID
"Actually, if typical kids are anything like what _I_ remember in high school,. it will train kids on how to recognize surveillance & encourage their creativity on how secretly, cleverly & thoroughly they can destroy said surveillance devices."

TRUE, but that is what it would teach YOUR kids, I was talking about the kids of the person to whom I replied.

What kids take away from their environment and school depends a great deal on the attitudes of their parents. Very seldom do people (not just kids) come away from the same experience with the same lessons learnt, or the same attitudes. Learning is tempered and changed by many factors such as predisposition, social mores and values, strength (or weakness) of character, etc. In other words (from reading between the lines of your post): I would think your kids (if you have any) would have strong opinions, not be easily persuaded, and would "stick up" for themselves. The poster I replied to on the other hand, probably has kids that knuckle under at the slightest amount of pressure, would turn their friends in to save their own hide at the drop of a hat, and are probably afraid of their own shadow (perfect employees for McDonalds)

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