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Input Devices

Demo of a New "Sixth Sense" Technology 187

Posted by kdawson
from the i-see-live-data dept.
TEDChris writes "Here's an intriguing attempt at a versatile new tech device that tries to augment the wearer's five senses. It comes out of Patty Maes's group at the MIT Media Lab. By combining a computerized personal projector with a camera and linking both to the Net, a host of surprising new applications becomes possible. This 8-minute demo created a lot of buzz at TED last month and was posted online today. Would love to know what the Slashdot community makes of it."

Comment: Re:If we aren't careful, this will happen here too (Score 2, Funny) 244

by PurpleRain (#16941390) Attached to: London Police Equipped With 360-Degree Cams
I don't think having cameras in public places is really giving up any freedoms. If they had cameras in my home or workplace, I would be a little more concerned, but it's public! Anyone could be sitting on a park bench watching you just like the camera is watching you. What's the big deal?

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