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Journal Journal: Switched to Ubuntu fully a month ago, and quite pleased. 1 1

I recently switched to Ubuntu from Windows on my computer, and haven't looked back. Amarok, Openoffice, and my old time favorite Firefox keep me company, and I must say, everything keeps me happy. Everything just works for once, uptime's great, and I can do a lot of new things. I should have switched earlier; I never knew it could be so simple yet so powerful!


Journal Journal: Recently installed Ubuntu, now what?

So I recently installed Ubuntu on my server computer, but since I'm horrible with Linux, I'm not too sure what I really want to do with it. Maybe I'll host a web page on it, but all it's doing right now is running BOINC. What do you think I should do with it?

Journal Journal: Slashdot emails messed up

Recently I got a comment moderation notice from /., but it was cut with nearly no text.

Contents of the email are as follows.

Seems something screwed up.

Journal Journal: Microsoft using Google Adwords? 7 7

Recently I was browsing a site, and noticed something odd in the Google Ads.

Linux Comparison Get The Facts: Windows vs. Linux. Read The Independent Analysis Now.

Last I checked, Microsoft was in competition with Google. So why are they paying Google to advertise instead of going through a different company?

"If a computer can't directly address all the RAM you can use, it's just a toy." -- anonymous comp.sys.amiga posting, non-sequitir