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Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 445

Oddly enough, I worked for WD tech support for a couple years in the mid '90s and I did plenty of advance exchanges (we send you a replacement drive, then you send the bad one back). It was always an option for RMAs. Also, Maxtor bought Quantum's hard drive business before they were bought by Seagate.

While I myself have had very few problems with WD drives (Samsung is the brand that doesn't like me) that doesn't change the main theme: Drives Break! Back Up Your Data!

Comment Re:No coop or multiplayer? (Score 1) 452

We had plenty of fun playing Baldur's Gate II co-op, despite only one character being the story's main character. It was nice splitting up the duties of micro-managing combat and inventory management. It may not have saved us any time, but the jokes were well worth it.

There were three of us, so the main character's player also controlled the romance character. Then the other two fought over who got Minsc. :)

It's definitely not a necessary feature for a CRPG designed for single-player, but for some groups it can work just fine.


Submission + - Cryptome TOS'ed by Verio

Aim Here writes: Cryptome, John Young's controversial website devoted to discussion of cryptography, the intelligence services, surveillance and related matters, is reporting that it's ISP, Verio has given it notice that it's service will be terminated, for a violation of Verio's acceptable use policy on the 4th of May. So far, there's no word on what that violation actually is.

This certainly isn't the first attack on cryptome. In it's time, cryptome has attracted the unwelcome attention of the FBI, the Readers Digest, the Mormon Church, the High Court in Northern Ireland and the MPAA, among others. With a roll call of enemies like these, was it just a matter of time before someone found a way to shut down Cryptome?

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