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Journal Journal: DB - flat files, or XML? Damn /.

I recently posted questions about data storage. Got a bunch of good /. feedback, but for some reason, people HATE XML, in general. Can't figure out why, really - there's no place for long discussions in the threads without going OT.

XML for accounting (or XBRL, actually, a subset of XML) is an 'emerging standard' with AICPA support. So, I would think that an app that supports it would be better integrated, and there are lots of libraries out there to use XML already in any language I'd be likely to use (Java, for starters).

If you read this far and have any ideas, please comment - what is actually wrong with XML as an option between flat text files and a full database for a small application that should scale up, or at least have the ability to be scaled up in the future.

I don't even know where to start estimating the problem scope.

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Journal Journal: User Interface / Workflow

Am trying to figure out a UI / database structure to improve accounting workflow. Exciting, I know, but it has a LOT of potential to make $, and it is interesting. Too many people spend their time doing work better suited to a machine. I'd rather have them think - it's what we do best.

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