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Journal Journal: Warner Bros. tape YOU!

Cue the Soviet Russia jokes: The Consumerist is reporting that Warner Brothers has a new policy "to film movie theater audiences around the country during the opening weekend of its movies in an effort to prevent piracy."

A reader reported seeing "an older gentleman who looked to be about 60 standing in the corner of the theater. Sporting a black suit and a black briefcase, he began to film the audience during the movie. Every 5-10 minutes he would sweep the audience with his video camera, then turn it off and just watch us, then turn the camera back on and sweep again." A trip to Customer Service confirmed that the gentleman in question was contracted to Warner Brothers as part of an anti-piracy campaign.

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Journal Journal: "Pirate" petitions for DVD release 1 1

I completely forgot about this show, but someone is a passionate fan of the TV series Quark. They've put up episodes, scans of ephemera, and a petition for a DVD release.

I'm especially amused by the fact that they've got episodes up for D/L while lobbying for a DVD release. It belies the ridiculous claims of the studios about the impact of piracy.

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Journal Journal: Giant Iceberg Collision Friday April 22, @04:33PM Rejected

Giant Iceberg Collision Friday April 22, @04:33PM Rejected

The B-15A Iceberg--the world's largest floating object--has collided with the Drygalski Ice Tongue, breaking off a 3-mile section. The Ice Tongue is large and permanent enough to appear on many atlases, which will now have to be amended. The collision appears to have taken place on or before April 14th. (B-15A has been previously mentioned here.)

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Journal Journal: Giant Iceberg on the Move Again! Tuesday April 12, @05:29PM

Giant Iceberg on the Move Again! Tuesday April 12, @05:29PM Rejected

The B-15A iceberg--the world's largest floating object--is adrift once more after two months aground on a shallow seamount. This latest development poses a renewed threat to the nearby pier of land-attached ice known as the Drygalski ice tongue.

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