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Comment Re: "...the same as trespassing." (Score 1) 1055 1055

Pellets don't gain velocity when falling to earth...Have you ever even owned a firearm?

Shotgun shot (low mass spheres moving at the speed of sound) lose almost all of their velocity within 100 yards. By the time it falls to the ground, it is only moving at a fairly low terminal velocity.

I have been hit by bird shot, and one of the reasons why many places allow shotgun sports even near neighborhoods is that falling shot has about the same damage capacity as a sprinkling of rain (which is about what it feels like).

I am not sure if you were trolling or just talking completely out of ignorance, but you wasted people's time by posting.

Comment Re: Off Topic Editorial Complaint (Score 4, Insightful) 579 579

Your argument was nothing more than snarl words.

I would argue that the government agencies were traitors to the American people, and that Snowden selflessly exposed said treachery the only route that he knew how (since he saw his other whistleblower peers fired and discredited when they brought ethics concerns to the leadership).

Snowden only made obvious how America failed us.

Comment Joke is Copyrighted (Score 2) 141 141


Some people giggled, therefore it is a joke and complete work of art, and therefore copyrightable. Nobody can use the word "peepee" without express permission of me.

Absurd enough yet?

Because the idea that any statement or phrase, no matter how lame, could be construed as a joke and therefore copyrightable sure is.

Comment Re: Investigating if laws were broken (Score 5, Insightful) 312 312

He isn't talking about ignorance of the law, he is talking about law enforcement having to stretch a law so ambiguous and I'll defined that law enforcement can't figure out of it applies. Since LEOs aren't judges or legislature, it really isn't supposed to be within their power to make that determination.

To me, the most perverse thing is that the kid did nothing morally wrong or hurt anyone, but LEO is trying to find a way to punish him for scaring some chickenshits? That, to me, is just disgusting.

Comment Re: Silicon Valley Isn't Wrestling with it (Score 3, Insightful) 398 398

Yea, since when did Capitalism and the free market become equated with Affirmative Action?

I know a lot of companies pay lip service to the unquantifiable "benefits of diversity", but that doesn't mean tech companies are now a social program to artificially inflate minority numbers.

Especially since nowadays, there are often as many or more minority employees of all sorts of backgrounds (Jewish, all flavors of Asian, just not the "disadvantaged" minorities) than there are "white" (which is bullshit anyways, there are lots of disadvantaged white skinned ethnicities as well, which are conveniently ignored), simply because of what is available on the market and who is most competitive.

I say, it is 2015, fuck the ideas of race and skin color. People are people, and let us compete on an equal field in that sense. If the poor need help, then let us help them, but don't color the argument.

This coming from someone who has the ADVANTAGE of being able to self identify as either white or Hispanic on a whim (since most Hispanics have Spanish ancestry, the choice is cultural and left up to the person).

Comment Re: Crazy? (Score 2) 183 183

All of those things are true of asphalt as well. Asphalt is just bitumen (flammable, brittle in cold, melts in sunlight), and sand/gravel(slippery when wet). There really isn't anything stopping them from putting gravel in a plastic matrix and ending up with something not much different than asphalt. Except stronger and less brittle so that you can transport it in preformed sections.

Comment What a load of horse shit (Score 5, Insightful) 337 337

" a country very similar to the United States... The U.S. has some problems that Australia doesn't have. It's got a lot more racial crimes, it's got a lot more gun-related crimes"

Australia has twice the burglary rate and a higher rape rate. Australia has a ban happy nanny-state government. Australia has a lot of race crimes against Aborigines that just aren't reported in their pop media. Australia's cost of living is almost twice what it is in the U.S. Australia still has a fucking queen.

Australia is like the U.S. except with the fun and awesome parts removed, and instead replaced with the U.K.

Comment Re: So tell us (Score 1) 74 74

Probably because nature's goal isn't a trivial experiment and there are many other factors we don't understand because we haven't had millions of years to try out the other DNA form in actual living organisms.

It probably has been tried in single celled organisms many millions of times, and there is probably a very good reason why it didn't stick.

Comment Re: What a waste of time... (Score 1) 53 53

You actually brought up something interesting, maybe without even realizing it. This seems like a vector for asymmetrical warfare if a rogue nation could send up a single launch into LEO and have it spew millions of pieces in a direction most satellites aren't travelling but also in their orbits...

The economic cost to clean the space or to risk the area-denial for any space launch passing through the weaponized junk would be tremendous.

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