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Comment Re: So if every American gives them a penny per ca (Score 4, Informative) 232

Scams? Ridiculous. The government did the Republican thing by incentivizing business on the cutting edge of desirable technology. Elon Musk is just an entrepreneur doing what he is legally responsible to do for his shareholders by pushing boundaries where the government is giving money and preferential loans for companies to innovate in.

Hardly something to fault him for.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 3, Interesting) 528

A) No, they don't. They often use shotguns modified to be light and pointable if they are professional competitors, but most trap shooters use the same shotguns they would go hunting with. They also use chokes that are modified or less (as in, broad spread, less range) and the patterns are no different than any other commercial off the shelf shotgun (circular). All of my shotguns wear full chokes, which have much greater range, especially in a gun not designed for trap shooting (longer barrel). Also, trap shooters use reduced recoil (AKA, reduced range, reduced velocity, reduced power) loads and their shotguns typically only hold two shells. Basically, this argument boils down to, if a trap shotgun can reach, a hunting shotgun can reach MUCH MORE EASILY.
B) Trap shooters are shooting one shell at a very fast moving target. This guy just had to shoot a stationary target with one of his several shells.

As for your third point, a shotgun pellet at 5 grains and 0.05 BC (typical for a light sphere), loses half of its 1200 fps velocity within 200 yards (600 feet), and does that between a quarter and a half of a second due to aero drag. It doesn't matter which way you shoot the shot, because in that tiny time span, gravity at its very weak 9.8 m/s^2 doesn't affect that hardly at all, as it makes up less than 10% of the velocity change.

Comment Re:Might want to reconsider paying the fine... (Score 1, Informative) 528

The FAA can have any opinion it wants, but the FAA isn't the one making the decision.

A judge will decide whether a sister swatting down her brother's mall-bought $10 RC helicopter is a 20 year federal/$250,000 crime, or if that is asinine.

Same goes for this guy and the pervert's few hundred dollar RC quad-copter.

Comment Re: "...the same as trespassing." (Score 1) 1197

Pellets don't gain velocity when falling to earth...Have you ever even owned a firearm?

Shotgun shot (low mass spheres moving at the speed of sound) lose almost all of their velocity within 100 yards. By the time it falls to the ground, it is only moving at a fairly low terminal velocity.

I have been hit by bird shot, and one of the reasons why many places allow shotgun sports even near neighborhoods is that falling shot has about the same damage capacity as a sprinkling of rain (which is about what it feels like).

I am not sure if you were trolling or just talking completely out of ignorance, but you wasted people's time by posting.

Comment Re: Off Topic Editorial Complaint (Score 4, Insightful) 608

Your argument was nothing more than snarl words.

I would argue that the government agencies were traitors to the American people, and that Snowden selflessly exposed said treachery the only route that he knew how (since he saw his other whistleblower peers fired and discredited when they brought ethics concerns to the leadership).

Snowden only made obvious how America failed us.

Comment Joke is Copyrighted (Score 2) 141


Some people giggled, therefore it is a joke and complete work of art, and therefore copyrightable. Nobody can use the word "peepee" without express permission of me.

Absurd enough yet?

Because the idea that any statement or phrase, no matter how lame, could be construed as a joke and therefore copyrightable sure is.

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