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Comment: Re: 3D print the gun, (Score 2) 133

Yea, you can literally buy a piece of plastic that just requires a Dremel to roughly hollow out, and from there build a complete AR-15 in less than an hour. No serial number, little to no knowhow, just a hammer, pin punches, a Dremel, and about $600. 3D printed guns are nothing more than moral panic bullshit. But so is gun-grabbing. Statistically speaking, there are few rational reasons to ban firearms, but this discussion is popular amongst people who have gun phobias. You are 50x more likely to be sent to the hospital due to a dog attack than to be killed by a firearm. I know those two things are in no way equivalent, but I have never heard someone suggest banning dogs, despite the greater frequency of harm. The reason why the largest demographic (by a large margin) for the victims of the 11,000 or so gun deaths unrelated to suicide each year are young black men, and the highest proportion of those deaths (also by a large margin) are from handguns, is largely due to the reason why that same demographic is the highest (by a large margin) in prison. The drug economy. But no, let's discuss banning "scary" looking guns like AKs and ARs, despite these being the most popular rifles in the U.S. while simultaneously their use in homicide and crime is almost unheard of (except for the black swan mass (10-30) shootings that happen with them once every decade or so).

Comment: Re: "risks serious damage to the system" (Score 4, Interesting) 138

by O('_')O_Bush (#49065999) Attached to: NVidia Puts the Kibosh On Overclocking of GTX 900M Series
It does apply to desktops, but there are several significant differences... like: 1. Desktop users have control of over ways to manage heat that they can't with laptops 2. If a desktop user fries their graphics card, they only have to replace their graphics card. In comparison, integrated graphics cards are permanently attached to the motherboard which typically also has a BGA processor soldered on. That is three components needing to be swapped out if the user screws up the graphics card from using a feature that has no use case. 3. User built desktops typically used for over clocking don't have warranties

Comment: Re: Guy allegedly does something stupid (Score 1) 327

by O('_')O_Bush (#49010573) Attached to: Swatting 19-Year-Old Arrested in Las Vegas
About two thirds of all firearms owned in the U.S. can easily defeat body armor. The other 1/3rd are handguns which require special ammo (which can be made at home by anybody), and body armor doesn't protect one's face, arms/legs (or the arteries inside), or sometimes the stomach/groin area.

Comment: Re: good CHEAP phone (Score 1) 177

by O('_')O_Bush (#49008997) Attached to: The First Ubuntu Phone Is Here, With Underwhelming Hardware
Netbooks were brilliant and were hot sellers before Microsoft decided they should run Windows CE instead of Linux (which they could do in the PC market) and laptop makers found people were buying the netbooks instead of the higher priced and higher margin standard laptops. Success killed the Netbook.

Comment: Re: Why Political activitys need a fake profile/im (Score 2) 135

If you are a part of any anarchist, white supremacist, or otherwise socially/politically subversive group, the Bureaus treat you as fair game for stalking. No Matter that it is your right to have/speak those views, they will harass/arrest youfor any minor infraction or even engage in entrapment. This is tthe lesson learned since Ruby Ridge and numerous instances since.

Comment: Re: And suddenly... (Score 1) 259

by O('_')O_Bush (#48990473) Attached to: Washington May Count CS As Foreign Language For College Admission
It is only funny if you are steeped in ignorance. Given how multicultural America is, far more than its English speaking counterparts like the U.K. or Australia, it is likely that, on average, Americans speak more languages. There are no reliable statistics one way or the other, however. Most Americans have a familiarity with Spanish, French, or sign-language, which isn't surprising given their border neighbors.

Comment: Re: Science... Yah! (Score 1) 958

by O('_')O_Bush (#48968291) Attached to: Science's Biggest Failure: Everything About Diet and Fitness
Most soups compensate for not being calorie dense by having tremendous amounts of sodium. So unless you want to lose weight and keel over from a heart attack due to high blood pressure, "buy soup" is poor advice. Not to mention them not being filling due to being mostly water.

Comment: Re: Hey! I've been gypped! (Score 2) 145

by O('_')O_Bush (#48894891) Attached to: NVIDIA Responds To GTX 970 Memory Bug
Except, to get the analogy right, it would be important to consider that: 1. 0.5 GB is only 12.5% of the total pool (not 75% as in your analogy), and 2. Probably 99.9% of users don't have applications or hardware to use more than half of that VRAM anyways, unlike 100% having a need for more braking performance, as with your analogy.

Comment: Re: what about spectrums rights? (Score 1) 104

by O('_')O_Bush (#48811867) Attached to: Where Cellular Networks Don't Exist, People Are Building Their Own
I am all for legalizing cannabis. I have no interest in legalising heroine, crack, meth, PCP, etc. I'd rather abusers spend time in jail than around me and mine. We have to draw a line somewhere, and crossing that line is how the black market makes money. Taking away that line altogether is akin to anarchy.

He: Let's end it all, bequeathin' our brains to science. She: What?!? Science got enough trouble with their OWN brains. -- Walt Kelly