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Journal Journal: Help the Wikipedia

I am a contributor to the Wikipedia. The Wikipedia is a project to contruct a free encylopeida in every language. With over 430000 articles in the English version, your subject of interest is bound to be in there. Anyone can take part, just find an article you like, then click edit this page to start editing the article!

My current article of choice is about cowsay, the program I used to generate my messages.
Here is the article
Here is the wikipedia

To help bring more contributors, why not write a journal entry about it in your journal, and why not set your slashdot user home page to your favourite article, so it will get more attention?


Journal Journal: Set the Internet on FIRE, with Firefox!

If you havent already, get the new Mozilla Firefox web browser. There are many reasons why.
  • Its fast
  • Its small (only 6.2Mb download)
  • Its user freindly as well as power user freindly
  • No annoying pop ups
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Avalible for Mac X, Windows and Linux

Previously known as Firebird, and Phoenix before that, Firefox has got a cool new Logo. It looks very weird too. Some people have described it as "A giant fox humping the earth", or "A fox being knocked over by a giant blue bowling ball". In summary its great browser. If you havent got it already, why the hell not? Download it now!

Take your work seriously but never take yourself seriously; and do not take what happens either to yourself or your work seriously. -- Booth Tarkington