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Journal Journal: "email this picture" on right-click 2

Why, oh why, did the devs at Mozilla pu this option on the right-click menu of Firefox immediately under "Save Image As"? Were they purposely trying to make life even more difficult for drunk people?

Journal Journal: Microsoft buys to boost e-shopping search

From the article: "Microsoft has agreed to buy Greenfield Online, owner of popular European price comparison website, for about $486 million to boost its Internet search and e-commerce business in Europe."

Microsoft has tried to buy their way into online success before; will this one be the charm?

User Journal

Journal Journal: T-rex blood found

Soft tissue in dinosaur fossils found - but we're not ready to build Jurassic Park just yet. Interestingly, this raises questions about the decay process as it is understood by paleontologists, as it has been long believed that soft tissues could not be preserved for millions of years inside fossils. Schweitzer's work also has implications in the hunt for life elsewhere in the solar system.

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