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Comment: Re:Inflated Chrome stats because of page prerender (Score 1) 212

by MarkVVV (#39585089) Attached to: Chrome Beats Internet Explorer On Any Given Sunday

Does StatCounter take in account Chrome's page views inflation caused by its Instant Pages prerendering feature?

I'd be surprised, since even Google Analytics itself is affected...

Anyway, please be careful before announcing "Chrome usage surpassed this or that" :P

Even if the page is being prerendered, it still means Chrome is being used.

Comment: Re:NTFS is resilient! (Score 1) 459

by MarkVVV (#38737970) Attached to: Microsoft Announces ReFS, a New Filesystem For Windows 8

Respect?? That's absolutely terrible.

A modern journalling filesystem should not experience any corruption after a crash, because journal recovery is supposed to keep data structures consistent.

Not only that, but NO filesystem, journalling or not, should cause a kernel crash if it is corrupted.

Microsoft has done one thing well, and that is to lower the expectations of their users so far, that what should have been a few second journal recovery turned into a big outage and manual recovery of a massively corrupted filesystem, and that gains them "Absolute respect".

Now you go tell that to Btrfs creators, son. The same people that didn't release a proper fsck yet. I've experienced major kernel panics while dealing with a corrupted Btrfs filesystem.

You may not like it, but NTFS is pretty resilient.

Ps.: I am a GNU/Linux user.

It is masked but always present. I don't know who built to it. It came before the first kernel.