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Journal Journal: VPN and gaming

It seems to me that setting up a VPN to play games over would be such an obvious thing, yet very few people are writing about it on the Web, at least that I can find. The problem I have is that I want to run a LAN game and let some friends join in. Now some games, like Kohan and Mechwarrior, allow you to have a LAN/Internet game, but anything HL based, or BN based doesn't. Windows 2K server VPN didn't seem to work, I'm not sure how to tweek it just right. And don't hate me because I'm using MS, I'm a gamer and there's just more out there for Windows. I've seen some commentary that you need to open up UDP packets and can do that in FreeBSD or Linux, but I'm sighing at the prospect of having to set up another server and learn a new OS. The room under my desk is crowded. But I'll do it if I have to.

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