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+ - The Social Media Bundle Review By Jo Barnes – Is It Legit or Scam?->

Submitted by shahins
shahins (2923411) writes "The Social Media Bundle is a Social Media Marketing Training Program. Jo Barnes Is The Founder and developer Of The Social Media Bundle. Jo Barnes Show Us how to make money through Social Media Such as Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google+ in her The Social Media Bundle."

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+ - What Makes An Intelligent Building?->

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softwaredevnews (1934856) writes "Intelligent Building? To someone unfamiliar with the commercial building industry, this might sound like a joke. But intelligent buildings or smart buildings are no joke – they are the future! Intelligent buildings are opportunities for incredible energy savings, can boost building security and comfort, and make sound financial sense. This infographic was designed to give some ideas about what makes an intelligent building."
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Comment: Re:Population control (Score 1) 220

by LoztInSpace (#43649781) Attached to: A Case For a Software Testing Undergrad Major
I always maintained that if I could persuade our testers to learn programming, we'd have much better software. In my experience, testers think about requirements, products, edge cases and scenarios a lot deeper than the devs. They also learn more about the business and how the product might be used.
In fact, now I think about it, many developers barely know the minimum tech to get an end-to-end application up & running, let alone all the stuff testers do. How many devs choose not to even learn about basic security, databases, algorithms (hash tables or unique dictionaries instead of generic lists) . These devs just know C#, HTML & CSS , jQuery (or whatever) and think it's enough.
Give me a good tester with an interest in programming any time.

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Actually, in my driving lifetime there's been a significant shift towards moving many if not all of these things to controls on the steering wheel. You would presume that's because it's safer. Not because to do otherwise is illegal, but it's obviously regarded by many as a good enough idea to spend quite a bit of money doing so.

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