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Submission + - Common Census map update (

Gil writes: "The Common Census project's map was recently updated. The project surveys users about where they live and what cities and neighborhoods they identify with in order to create a map of the US drawn up into spheres of influence. It's nerdy enough to warrant a look at the map. This was the first time the map has been updated in nearly a year."

Submission + - Windows Vista WGA Still Plagued By Problems

An anonymous reader writes: IWeek blogger Alex Wolfe writes that Vista is Still Plagued By Windows Genuine Advantage "False Postive" Problems. Along with his own experience (a support person hung up on him), he cites numerous cases on Microsoft's own forums where users have be forced to reactivate their copies of Vista and told there's a problem with their license.

[Messages like this: "After running vista for a few weeks, I rebooted this morning to find that my purchased copy of vista is no longer genuine."]
Based on the volume of problems, Wolfe characterized Microsoft's downplaying of false-positives last month as "spin control." Right now, the only "technical" solution when you run into this is to type "slui 4" into the command line and then go through phone activation. Have you had a problem with WGA? Do you agree with Wolfe that WGA should be shut off until Microsoft can resolve the 'false positives' problem? More importantly, do you think this could seriously undermine adoption of Vista?
United States

Submission + - Best Money Management Software?

An anonymous reader writes: I want to start managine my personal finances on my computer. What's the best software program to use? I hear good things about Quicken and Microsoft Money, but are any of those open source financial programs any good? (JCash, GNUcash, Grisbi, etc.)

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