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Journal: More Venting....

Journal by Kjuib

I think slashdot is broke... I have been sitting with nuetral Karma for about 3 months... have a semi-good post here and there... then I get a good post... FP on a poll... and I get a +4 funny mod... yah me! right? ... no... my karma gets dropped to Bad for some reason. I think CowBoyNeal has it in for me. Death can only follow...


Journal: Venting 1

Journal by Kjuib

It is time to vent a little about the karma and comment system... I enjoy slashdot, and I enjoy the comments of all the great users. I like to add comments myself and add to conversations. After getting positive mods and working up to a positive karma rating, I posted something I though was a legitamate opionion for myself, but someone decided it was a troll and modded me down for it. this shot my karma rating form positive down to terrible... after all the positive ones. This is pathetic, that severlly limits my commenting options. I think the negative mods weigh a little too much in the karma ratings.
I tried emailing them and asking to be fixed, so I could enjoy the commenting part of slashdot, but to no avail. Vent... vent... vent...
Steam all gone now...


Journal: People

Journal by Kjuib

People are like spam. You can try to filter them out, but they just keep coming. They get in the way of the important information you are trying to get to. They also are very ditrubing to read - sick, twisted, and in need of help. They also try to leech information out of you, usually this is in the form of money. And if none of the rest apply, they just point the direction to something else more damaging.

Remember: Stupidity is Contagious, the only cure is Death.

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