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I'm pretty sure this is based on building size not the fact that you're a hotel.

I lived in a tower in boston, and they had an integrated smoke detection system (don't burn something at 03:00 am you'll wake the neighbors), a fire marshal who checked everything was working on a regular basis, sprinklers, fire extinguishers in the hallway, etc.

A few days ago I was in London, and stayed in a B&B. It was an old building, and there might have been smoke detectors, but there wasn't a fire escape I could see, and I would have burned alive if there was a fire.

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by KingOfBLASH (#47748201) Attached to: New Nail Polish Alerts Wearers To Date Rape Drugs

People get uppity about the definition of rape, because the definition is basically how does the female feel the next day.

Case in point, a girl I know got drunk one night, and on her way home from the pub met a guy on the street (who was also drunk). The guy accompanied her to her home, and she was lucid enough to tell her brother (visiting from a different town) she needed the apartment for an hour or two so she could get laid.

The guy left after the deed was done, and the next day, having drunk so much she had a black out, she went to the police and reported a rape.

The police actually took her statement, and if she had been able to ID the guy, would have made an arrest.

Hearing this story, I really got the feeling that if the guy had stayed the whole night, and she'd woken up in his arms, she'd have been happy to have found a new man (she was a bit desperate).

THAT'S how society views rape. Much rape is not about men jumping out from bushes on helpless women, but just at the woman's discretion. And, as a man, you've got some issues if you haven't taken a vow of chastity, because you always run a risk with a one night stand.

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Yeah see that's something that wasn't said in the original post and you're taking bits and pieces of reality and making specious arguments based on them.

It's reasonable to say that, whereas with a rented apartment the tenant has certain things they need to do, a person renting a hotel room should have less of these given the transient nature of his renting.

So, while I buy my own toilet paper in my flat, for instance, I would be quite annoyed if I showed up at a hotel and they told me you have to buy your own toilet paper (or lightbulbs, or any number of things).

However that's all sort of implied in the rental contract, and whether you're renting for long term or short term.

But, no where is it said hotels have to have smoke detectors / alarms / etc but apartments not. In the same way that it's not required for hotels to have lights, and apartments not.

Really this whole argument is specious. It's very simple:

a. The bigger your building, the more fire equipment needed
b. For very big apartment buildings, you have the same sorts of precautions as in a hotel. When I lived in a tower in Boston, we did actually have a fire marshall come through to test our alarms.
c. Hotels tend to be the size of very big apartments (see point a). This in no way means hotels must have fire equipment whereas apartments not. If you end up at a small bed and breakfast, you might find it is not equipped with the same fire equipment as a tower.
d. If you are renting out your apartment short term like a hotel, you must maintain it. If you rent it out long term, like a flat, the tenant maintains it. But this is a separate issue, and in no instance is someone allowed an exception to the fire code.

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Will you say a different story when someone is burned to death because there was no fire alarm system which a hotel is required to have but a private residence is not?

That's just a ridiculous argument. Apartment buildings are required to maintain fire alarm systems, have fire escapes, fire extinguishers, etc.

Unless you are saying the requirements for a hotel are safer, in which case why not regulate so that everyone can live in a fire safe dwelling?

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Well that's not entirely true because of the way genes mix up (the whole idea of dominance and inheritance). This is what might allow two brown haired brunettes to have a blue eyed blonde child: the brown eyes and brown hair is dominant, and when the bits of the couple is mixed, you get two recessive traits (blonde hair / blue eyes).

Of course it's not even so simple as dominant / recessive because genes mix about in all kinds of other ways. So getting a true breeding pair from just one generation of people is not possible.

However, it's highly likely if we had a eugenics program whereby over a long period (say several hundred generations) we attempted to identify, and breed a "smart" race of people, it would happen (in the same way we've bred dogs that are smarter than other dogs).

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Yeah see you're starting to stink of b.s.

If you go out into the wilderness, anywhere, there as some common sense things you should do. Like not go alone. And tell people your route. And only go on well known trails. And not eat random mushrooms / berries you find growing by the side of the road, or drink out of random pools of water. And always bring appropriate gear.

If you do that, you will come back alive, and even if something bad happens (like you break your leg), either your buddy will go for help, or people will find you on the trail, or the people who knew you were supposed to check in at the next base camp will send out a rescue party.

It always amazes me that people will be absolute muppets, and go out alone into the wilderness off trail without telling anyone.

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The parents was talking about being too afraid to go out into the jungle.

While I would agree that you shouldn't live completely like it's your last day (you do want to save up for things like, say, retirement), you should conquer your fears for the little things, and you can do this with a sense of balance

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Death can come for you anywhere. One day, walking through a cross walk in a major city during the middle of the day, I was nearly hit by an asshole driving around a corner too fast in a very nice BMW. I jumped out of the way just in time but the car hit my groceries.

Live your life. Take reasonable precautions like having a guide take you through the jungle, or going with an instructor if you try something dangerous in the beginning, like rally racing. But always live your life, like today was your last day. The world is on fire, and we never know how long we have left.

(Although in fairness we didn't start the fire)

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