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Comment: Re:Get a local phone number (Score 4, Informative) 506

by KenFury (#45613217) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why So Hard Landing Interviews In Seattle Versus SoCal?

Years ago I was in Seattle and had a greater Washington mailing address and Area code. I was getting no responses. After that I changed to a 206 cell and gave a friends mailing address off Cap Hill. It made a huge difference. Anecdotal evidence is anecdotal


Persistent Home Videoconferencing Solution? 253

Posted by timothy
from the needs-big-red-off-button-too dept.
An anonymous reader writes "I'm moving very soon for work, and will be several hundred miles away from my young family for six to nine months. Obviously I'll travel back as often as possible, and there's always Skype and XBLA video, but the whole 'now it's time to talk to dad' thing seems ... a little weak. I was wondering the Slashdot community could help me come up with a more persistent solution. Ideally what I want is an always-on connection between a pc/monitor/camera/speakers in my old kitchen and my new kitchen, so if we're in the kitchens, we can see each other and interact semi-normally. (We're a kitchen-focused family.) Most solutions I can find time out pretty quick, or require some knowledge on the part of the users, and the tech-savvy people are only going to be in one kitchen, to put it politely!" (Read on for a few more details.)

Comment: Re:People who cheat should blame themselves, not F (Score 1) 494

by KenFury (#32730498) Attached to: Facebook, Friend of Divorce Lawyers

No it says do not _covet_ thy neighbours wife. There is noting about not having having her or him in a rollicking good time. The problem with coveting is jealousy, if you remove that part you can have healthy relationships. It is not like there was a shortage of orgies in the biblical times.

The Internet

Journal: Mouseovers - as bad as popups? 8

Journal by fyngyrz

Is anyone else as annoyed as I am by words and phrases in web articles that pop up boxes because my mouse pointer happened to cross them, temporarily hiding the content I was reading in the first place? I didn't click on anything, and consequently, I don't want a context change. I find these annoying to the point of noting what the site is and not going back. Anyone else feel the same? Anyone have a defense of the practice?

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