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Journal Journal: And that idea sucked. 1

That was a BRILLIANT idea!

My Karma is currently in the shits because of the frankly dumbassed decision to remove the karma benefit of Funny mods. Thanks to the combined fuckerageness of the Overrated and Offtopic mods, I now post with a score of 0.


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Journal Journal: Trolls

You have to wonder why people troll. I mean, you get no response, but I suppose most trolls just sit there dick in hand jacking off whenever they post "FRITS TOPS!!!" on Slashdot.

Well, today there was a story about the impending patent law in the EU, called the "DMCA on steroids". I read at threshold 3-great comments, no trolls. And then I saw it:

3: 2 comments

TWO comments above threshold 3. TWO!!! One of which was mine! And then you look below that:

28 replies below your current threshold

Some of which were legitimate comments, but most of which were trolls. One charming guy by the name of Goddamn Niggers decided to reply to me "fuck you, eurotrash piece of shit".

First off, I'm not Eurotrash. I'm British. Secondly, I don't think anyone with the name of Goddamn Niggers should be calling anyone anything. Jesus fuck, why don't Slashdot just BAN THE FUCKING TROLLS? Maybe auto banning people who use the word "nigger" in posts, cos that would kick the fuck out of 75% of the trolls instantly! Slashdot seems to be drowning under the fucking trolls because of "free speech". Damn free speech, kill the fecking trolls because they're ABUSING their free speech, a la the BNP and many others.

Please Taco, get off your ass and do something.

Many people are unenthusiastic about their work.