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Comment Re:Eclipse and Power of Java (Score 1) 158

Garbage collection and bytecode are two entirely different concepts. .NET has GC, so does Java.

Both also compile to bytecode, but .NET libraries can also be compiled to native code at installation time when installed in the GAC. This has no bearing whatsoever on whether or not it is garbage collected. It always is.

Comment Re:The farther left you go, the more you lose (Score 1) 284

Funny how the "meritocracy" tends to disproportionately favor upper-income white males. Taller than average ones, at that. Sometimes you need what appears to be an unfair policy to counter-act unconcious bias.

Compared to the last cabinet, the minister of science is now actually a scientist. The minister of defense is actually a soldier, and the minister of transportation is a friggin' astronaut. I don't see much to complain about.

Comment Re:Question: Fossil Expansion? (Score 2) 90

Your post made me curious about expansion, so i read the wikipedia article.

It sounds like expansion is only occurring on a very large scale, where matter isn't gravitationally bound. So things outside the milky way, andromeda and virgo cluster are expanding away, but there is no expansion within.

So your hypothesis is wrong. I've often wondered though if there is some fosilization phenomena that could cause them to grow over time.

Comment Re:I wonder (Score 2) 285

You guys are so jaded, it's insufferable.

Back in the Real World, we use PowerShell to automate all sorts of processes. Particularly provisioning VDI. while lots of non-MS stuff has PowerShell APIs (VMware, Citrix etc.) sometimes you want to execute a remote command on a device that only supports SSH. Like power up a blade PC, or add a static route to a switch. Sounds like they're going to make that possible. Awesome!

Comment This thread is telling (Score 1) 613

The answers in this thread are telling, and they don't paint a pretty picture.

Here's my hypothesis: Geeks (myself included!) tend to be lone wolves. We like autonomy, and hence have a strong belief in personal responsibility, often at the detriment of shared responsibility. See how many libertarians are on /.?

Geeks also tend to have girl problems. They're often intimidated by them, but also want and can't have them. This leads to resentment. Women seem incredibly powerful and unattainable, so when they claim disinfranchisement, we are incredulous.

In the sciences, geeks rule. Women who enter this field have to be fun, approachable and totally geeky too. Not many women fit that description. But many who don't are otherwise fantastically gifted, intelligent women. And we're missing out.

Comment Re:"The Ego" (Score 1) 553

The whole "run government like a business" mantra always drives me nuts. Government is not like a business. If your business isn't profitable, cutting jobs can make sense. If your economy is in recession, cutting jobs will make the recession worse. Things like mergers, aquisitions, etc are equally poor analogies for how a nation state operates.

Comment Re: Yes - Facebook quit too soon (Score 1) 161

C# has actually evolved into a wonderful language. The async stuff, lambdas and especially Linq are great.

Xamarin-wise, there is a lot of code sharing possible using portable class libraries, and Xamarin.Forms shows promise, if immature. The project in working on has probably 95% shared code and appears completely native.

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