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Comment: Re: An Honest Question (Score 1) 213

by Hugonz (#45750141) Attached to: Surge In Litecoin Mining Leads To Graphics Card Shortage
Consider tungsten or platinum, they're theoretical competitors to gold and silver and comparable in their abundance, yet they never took off as currency. Same thing with altcoins: there's history, network effects, etc. The important thing with money is that people think it will be accepted tomorrow.

Comment: It's changed now (Score 2, Insightful) 987

by Hugonz (#27970961) Attached to: What Can I Do About Book Pirates?

Hi Peter,

The information in books is nonscarce, in that it can be replicated at very little cost. It will be economically infeasible to try to stop distribution. The best way for you to get the upper hand is to come out as the legitimate, moral author of this; publicly and for yourself. You should set up a website and come out with a suggested fee for donations. There are other ideas too, like having previews and/or early releases for subscribers.

Of course you would still charge for the dead-tree book. Take a look at what Stefan Molyneux has been doing at He lives entirely off the donations and subscriptions.

Hope this helps


Comment: Re:ha ha (Score 1) 466

by Hugonz (#27479623) Attached to: Columnist Fired For Reviewing Pirated Movie

Yes, it is fair use, and that's why he's probably not gonna be prosecuted. But fired, hell yeah the Company will surely and rightfully fire him!

Don't take me wrong. I believe Copyrights and patents are not real property. This has really nothing to do with the legality of downloading and watching The Origins Movie, but with company policy and the internal, private penalties you incur, such as getting fired.

It's like some McDonald's manager praising the Whopper....

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