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Comment Re:They're called architects (Score 0, Troll) 339

Swift's developers don't want to replace Brace Syntax with Python-style indentation.

No shit, they aren't retarded. Have you people not learned how stupid that is yet, how many retarded bugs do you have to have from the wrong spacing before you get it through your heads that it was a stupid fucking idea?

None. No, seriously, None. As a python programmer for 15 years, I've never had a bug caused by indentation changing the logic. Python code is usually succinct enough with small enough methods that things like that are immediately obvious. If you have more than a couple of levels on indentation in your code, you are doing it wrong.


Comment Re: is it hackable? (Score 1) 169

This is the use case I have too. I've messed with touch screen displays and switches and the likes. But a cheap tablet would make a great display for some of my arduino projects.

So, I'd like to know if you can install android on it or compile an app to run on it that can do a simple full screen kiosk mode and have buttons and the likes.

Comment Plone is much more flexible (Score 1) 369

OK, so I'm slightly biased in that I run a company that does predominantly Plone development, but one of our biggest clients uses Confluence to actually project manage the Plone project we are developing for them. So in effect we use both, for different sides of the same coin.

Confluence is quite powerful, and some of the tools for previewing MS Office documents in your browser are pretty good. However where Plone shines is its flexibility. We use Plone ourselves for our own intranet and the great thing is it goes well beyond just storing documents:

* It shows a list of all latest SVN commits from our repository
* There is a shared calendar with SMS alerts, iCal integration, etc
* It integrates with our time tracking software to produce time tracking reports for each project
* There is a wiki on there for ad-hoc knowledge bits
* There is a directory of all our contacts with click-to-dial integration with our desk phones
* All our quotes are 'written' in Plone and converted to PDF to send to the client. It handles all the formatting via Apache FOP
* There are image galleries for both social company photos, and also library of screenshots for quotes, etc.
* Management dashboard with graphs of time spent in the past week on which projects

So whilst Confluence is pretty good, I think you'd be hard pressed to customise it quite to the extent where it really starts to deliver business value by integrating with your actual business processes and other software.

Comment Python - Plone4 in under 3 minutes (Score 2, Informative) 31

If you are a python developer, or at least have python2.6 installed on your system, then check out this lightning talk screencast I did for Europython last week:

Screencast of installing Plone 4

I go from a base python2.6 installed to an installed and running Plone instance in under 3 minutes. Admittedly I had a local egg cache due to the flaky conference wifi, but if you did this without a cache it would do the same, just take a bit longer downloading all of the eggs.

Plone really is the easiest CMS I've ever worked with in terms of deployment and installation (mainly due to the fantastic zc.buildout system). There are also the binary installers for various platforms as well, which will get you up and running in about 15 minutes with just a few clicks.


Comment 10,000 commits last 12 months! (Score 2, Informative) 31

The Plone *core*, ie the main central bit, not including any of the add-ons, or 3rd party integrated parts like the visual editor, or the underlying framework Zope, has had over 10,000 commits to the SVN repo in the past 12 months alone. That is nearly 30 commits a day every day for a year. That is really quite an impressive level of activity for any Open Source project, especially in a fairly niche market (we are talking a large web content management system here, not an operating system).

The number of books being published on Plone recently shows just how many people are using it. And the 8th International Plone Conference ( this year is expected to attract over 400 developers and users from across the world.


Submission + - UK Police retains DNA data despite promise not to (

redalien writes: "In 2008 I invited two policemen into my home and voluntarily gave them a DNA and fingerprint sample to help with a murder investigation, as they'd promised it would only be used for that investigation. I was never under any suspicion and could just as easily have said no. Almost a year after the investigation closed they have now confirmed that they've retained my samples and at my request have begun an investigation to see if there are sufficient "exceptional circumstances" to remove them.

I'm not the only one that was told samples would be removed, so if you've had such a promise from the police I recommend contacting their data protection registrar immediately."

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