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Comment: Re:Equally Misleading (Score 1) 445

by Hal Horn (#26445703) Attached to: Internet Not Really Dangerous For Kids After All
What's that sound I hear? I'm not sure if it's the sound of you being facetious, or the 'whoosh' of the joke going over your head. Often hard to tell. One, unless "make sure he never does it again" means "with a baseball bat", there's nothing a social worker can do with kind words to stop a violent man being a violent man. Secondly, and I've experienced this firsthand, maybe one out of fifty social workers, counselors, and people of that ilk actually feels sympathy for the victim, as opposed to being excited with trying to 'fix' the fucked-up violent one. (Much like we nerds would rather spend time coding a new solution instead of fixing some crufty misfeature in an old 'boring' program). The first time that happened to me was when I got beaten up at a new middle school, talked to the vice-principal and he offered to 'get me some counseling', and it's never gotten any better even on into adult-life (except for the bit where I've learnt to fight back against any aggressor). Don't be ridiculous and intellectually dishonest. You only cheapen yourself and the discussion.

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