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Comment Local revocation? (Score 1) 39

If Apple doesn't revoke it, shouldn't it be possible to configure individual machines to revoke such certificates once they're known? Or is that secured against lest someone start putting out malware that installs local revocations of others' certificates, such as one's competitors or anti-malware developers' certificates?

Comment Re:I bet now (Score 1) 69

Just like how ESRB Ao-rated games are listed on XBL, PSN, etc. in the US today. Oh, wait: the console makers don't allow any Ao-rated games to be played on their hardware in the US.

Plus the console makers can excuse themselves by saying they were never designed for the R-18+ rating and opt not to push an update to recognize and thus enable their play, to preserve their family-friendly image.

Comment Obligatory Grammar Lesson (Score -1, Offtopic) 213

reserving domain names for one of her target's 3 year old daughter.

One of the three... daughters... who are old... that the target... adopted... a year ago?

That is a very ugly and incorrect phrase. First, "3-year-old" needs hyphens when used as an adjective for "daughter". Also, leading with "one of" leads the reader into thinking something in there is going to be plural: either "daughters" (if the target had more than one 3-year-old daughter) or, more likely, "targets", which would form the possessive "targets' " (apostrophe trails the s iff the -s suffix signifies a plural). And mixing prepositional possessive phrases with bare possessives is just asking for parsing trouble.

That link-text is more readable as:

reserving domain names for the 3-year-old daughter of one of her targets.

or, the less likely:

reserving domain names for one of the 3-year-old daughters of her target.

that the target had twin girls, or, if even less likely hyphenation error was misconstrued:

reserving domain names for one of the three year-old daughters of her target.

suggesting the target had triplets, each being one year of age.

Whoever edited that submission needs remedial study.

Comment Re:Boycott (Score 1) 311

To me, there's clearly a connection between piracy and privacy, and not just the obvious that you want your piracy to be secret to avoid prosecution, but that some piracy is motivated in remaining a private person, especially in the face of corporations and their associations that seek to make you not, for their own benefit.

They want to find those consumers with low standards and meet, not exceed them, with as little effort as possible.

In an information economy, a cash sale is considered a loss.

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