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Comment The draft will bring them out (Score 1) 5687

Ahem...It's 'Sister,' but thanks, nonetheless! What's more, we should all take a close look at the group of voters that failed us this election, on whom we counted a bit too much: The 18-25 year age range was courted wildly and feverishly. They registered in record numbers and attended lots of free concerts, yada, yada. They didn't vote in this election any more than in 2000, with turnout of only 17%- an identical ratio. Somehow, in order to overcome the overwhelmingly disproportionate power distribution that has now been created, we have to get these young voters to *vote* in the next major elections, for our reps and our senators, as well. We have to engage these voters and bring them into the polls to cast a ballot, not just get them amped. Maybe the draft will make them active...

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