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Comment: Manhattan, Not Kansas (Score 1) 791 791

This is Manhattan, not Kansas. You'll be fine. The power of the antenna in this case is restricted by the larger number of cell phone users in the city. Because of the population, the antennas fill up their bandwidth in a much smaller area. The antenna may only have enough power to cover the city block before it fills up. If it was powerful enough to cover more area than it can serve with cell coverage, there would be interference with other antennas trying to cover those edge areas.

Comment: Re:Precious Snowflakes (Score 1) 1316 1316

Don't forget getting fired for not filling out some 'unnecessary' paperwork when he finally gets that job out of college. I've seen people fired because they had a massive ego and felt certain business functions were beneath them. I'm too smart for safety, why do I need ethics training, I shouldn't have to track my time.

Comment: Re:The sting in the tail (Score 1) 437 437

That is because it is Lily Allen. Even without autotune, can a live performance ever sound like a recording. A studio is setup for much better sound than most concert venues. It will always sound different. You've got to deal with the sound guy trying to balance the sound. Then there is always the one guy who perpetually turns up his amp to drown everyone else out when it is a more amateur act. I imagine the singers of most bands that I listen to also aren't taking care of their voice properly. I don't blame them. I wouldn't want to have to constantly avoid different foods and drinks before a show.

Comment: Re:I would say mitigated (Score 1) 121 121

I was by the Washington Monument on Sunday and on Tuesday. In either case, I couldn't do anything with my AT&T Blackberry Pearl. Texts, Emails, calls, and internet browsing (google maps) all failed the entire time I was there. It wasn't until the evening that the phone appeared to be running properly.

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