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Journal Journal: PSU woes

So I get up yesterday morning and plonk myself down in the study. Wiggle the mouse, turn the monitors on. Nothing, nada, zip, diddly squat. Hmm. Ah, PC is off for some reason. Pop the switch on the front, nothing. Hmm, that's not good. Whip out a spare cable, turn the PSU off at the back, change the cables over, flick the switch back on. Yowzers! A spark, a sizzle, a pop and nothing on the screen. Oh Shit. Now I'm worried. Of course I've got backups, the last one was done around a week ago. But I've not got complete backups of all the photos I've taken, the songs I've ripped from my music collection (well, I suppose the CDs are the backup) and the last weeks worth of work. More importantly, how the hell am I going to buy a new PC that's powerful enough if I've fried this one? Replacement PSU called in and fitted, turn the PC on and it boots. *Phew*. First thing's first, backup the recent work and then the photos. The only thing I had to sort out was getting the 2 monitors to work properly - resolved by removing all the drivers and re-installing. Lessons learnt? Get an automated backup system, and replace the PSU when the fan starts making odd noises...

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