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+ - The ins and outs of picking the best XML Parser

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Do you know how to select the best XML Parser for your project? Even developers who are very knowledgeable on advanced XML matters can lack a firm understanding of the fundamentals. To ensure a solid foundation, this article covers the most basic XML service: parsing. It introduces the various approaches to parsing and highlights their pros and cons."

+ - A DOS Batch for backing-up a MS SQL Database

Submitted by
netwatcher806 writes "Here is a DOS batch written for backing-up a Microsoft SQL Database ( It was tested on Windows XP. It should also run on Windows 2000. I hope that you'll find this piece of code useful in backing-up your MS SQL Databases. Please feel free to download and test this DOS batch. The code was written by a very good friend of me, who wants to remain anonymous."

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