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Comment Thanks for all the work (Score 1) 1521

I have not recently visited Slashdot -- but I was ardent reader from 2002 to 2004 -- spending hours everyday here. I used to be so excited to get mod points! I learned a lot here, and importantly laughed a lot. :-) CmdrTaco -- thanks for making this website, and for giving readers like us information and enjoyment!
All the best for the future!

Comment Typing is easier if you use the Case (Score 1) 750

If you use the Apple Case for the iPad's protection, the case can hold the ipad in a typable angle on a desk or even on your lap. The case can also hold it for movie watching (straight up).

Look at the 3rd pic here:

I know -- its one more thing to buy and have at one's disposal, but if you want to type a bit then it makes sense to have that case around...

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