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Journal Journal: Unbiased Stereology - Open Source reimplementation

Am contemplating to do a reimplementation of the New Stereology set of measurement tools. Was involved a dozen years ago, writing the first (Amiga) and second (Windows) implementations of the computer program called Grid. First step would be to get hands on a copy of the manual that Prof. Gundersen and I coauthored.
HAH - got it! Nice overview of what needs to be done.

This time, due to experiences of the past, it's time to make it an Open Source project (GPL) that noone will be able to rip me off.

It'd be based on processing images with a possibility to extend it to live streams - that's better modularity. Core scientific functionality in the core GPL program, then possibly commercial modules to connect with various hardware.

For programming toolkit, I'm considering Kylix (easier) or KDevelop (most versatile). Both Qt based, that'd do fine. Hm, Matthias Kalle Dalheimer has written a nice book on Qt programming. Time for bookstore!

Good Book. Settled on KDevelop in the end, and now have some absolutely pre-alpha code. And have the manual scanned and OCR'ed, too, needs relayout and new illustrations. Lots to do...


Journal Journal: QX3+ Microscope

Got my QX3+ microscope yesterday. Cool toy for $45! Great out-of-box experience, Just Works.

Would be nice to get to it's native resolution (VCD compatible).

Well of course - it turns out that it has a (simple) TWAIN interface. Favorite graphics program, here we come.

Seems this microscope has quite a community out there, there's a LOT to learn about getting the most out of it, real microscopy techniques applied to this little thing. Am glad that Intel sold on the rigths (to DigitalBlue) rather than just sitting on them!

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