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Comment: Re:discredit global warming theories? no way (Score 1) 258

by FIRSTBLOOD (#21951410) Attached to: Solar Cycle 24 Has Started

And I am constantly disheartened when I hear of this bullshit... even more painfully so, given my experience in the field of virology and immunology research.

Actually, I find "AIDS dissent", as you call it, far far more disturbing than the "9-11 Truth" conspiracy. At least in the case of "9-11 Truth", there remains at least SOME possibility for at least SOME of the minor claims of the conspiracy theorists. The case of "AIDS dissent" on the other hand, is rather similar to "gravity dissent".

P.S. As with any AIDS/HIV conspiracy theorist, I have a standing offer: inoculate yourself with 10X ID50 of purified HIV, and if you get a productive infection, but don't get AIDS, you get all my property, and the entire contents of my bank account... and I will quit biological science research. Deal?
The ORTHODOX "AID$ Machine" has built a TERMINATOR Empire of High Tech HIV Theorists such as yourself to undermine mankind through a series of denials and evasions.. The HIVAIDS $campaign began as a "Conspiracy Theory" in 1980 and every COVER-UP and theory has been jaded by an "AID$" Researcher rather than independent scientists working together. The words "Conspiracy" & "Theorist" are not bad words people just like to throw daggers as if they are superior in some way. The Religion of HIVAIDS seems hipocritical especially when self styled "HIV THEORISTS" have never landed on the moon and seen Green cheese nor have they entered the Matrix and taken the red pill. a Janitor at Mc Donalds could hold more IQ to so called Conspiracy Theories than someone tagged a Virologist or M edical D eity...One's "Title" can be held against them belittling them to the point of being called names which is not surprising. No matter how one Deny's,Disagrees,or Dissents "the Religious" aspect over rides the "political" aspect of the issue and you automatically become guilty of heresy with no questions asked. Religion rears it's ugly head in all forms of Politics and Science...The Oneness versus Trinity debate has killed millions of people in the name of GOD. MEUGE Since you have "proposed" someone Incoculating or injecting some theorized strain of HIV into them[which has been Done some years ago ..Dr Robert Wilner] why don't you just keep your things[since it could take 67 years for HIV to cause AIDS anyway] and claim the $50,000 Fact finder Award from Alive and Deal?

Theory is gray, but the golden tree of life is green. -- Goethe