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Comment: The Yard Cafe (Score 1) 11

by Dr J. keeps the nerd (#41414423) Attached to: Slashdot Anniversary: Vancouver, BC, CA
Come celebrate 15 years of time well wasted.

The Yard Cafe is the local pub in Marpole. It's basic, it's safe, the beer is cheap and decent, and there's parking and transit around. If folks want to get there earlier, we can bump the start time up. I won't head over until my kid's in bed. A lot happens in 15 years.

Comment: Consequence of CRTC regulations (Score 5, Informative) 238

by Dr J. keeps the nerd (#27594891) Attached to: Bell Proposing Usage-Based Billing
The CRTC requires Bell to resell its lines for fixed rates. Bell must offer service that's at least as good as what it provides to its own customers. As the regulated rate is below Bell's own rate of return from an actual Bell customer, Bell has no incentive to provide better service that what it provides to its own customers. If the CRTC allowed for other arrangements, Bell could strike a deal with a wholesaler to offer unlimited service at a higher price. As it stands, it can't. Nothing here is surprising.

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