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Sun Microsystems

+ - Trivial Remote Exploit on Sun Solaris 10

Submitted by
Jeremy Kister
Jeremy Kister writes "Errata Security reports about a bug found in the telnet daemon of Solaris 10. From the article:

Basically if you pass a "-fusername" as an argument to the -l option you get full access to the OS as the user specified. In my example I do it as bin but it worked for regular users, just not for root. This combined with a reliable local privilege escalation exploit would be devastating. Expect mass scanning and possibly the widespread exploitation of this vulnerability.

FAA To Free Aircraft Hobbled By IP Laws 106

Posted by kdawson
from the maintain-it-but-we-won't-tell-you-how dept.
smellsofbikes writes "The FAA is attempting to develop a legal process that will allow them to release data about vintage aircraft designs that have obviously been abandoned. Existing laws restrict the FAA's ability to release this data because it is deemed to be intellectual property even though the owner of record has long since ceased to exist. This is fundamentally the same problem that copyright laws impose on people looking for out-of-print books. But in the case of vintage aircraft, the owners are legally required to maintain them to manufacturer specifications that the owners cannot legally obtain: an expensive and potentially lethal dilemma. If the FAA, notoriously hidebound and conservative, is willing to find a solution to this IP Catch-22, maybe the idea will catch on in other places."
Linux Business

+ - Swedish Army to replace Windows NT with Red Hat

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Red Hat has entered in deal with the Swedish Army to its servers from Windows NT to Red Hat Enterprise Linux across its core IT infrastructure. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is already the operating system platform on nearly 200 servers running in-house developed software within the core IT infrastructure of the Swedish Armed Forces."
Media (Apple)

+ - Steve Jobs writes about DRM

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "Apple Inc. has put a link on their front page to an essay by Steve Jobs on iTunes DRM. Jobs describes why iTunes uses DRM (the music industry required it), then goes on to state that DRM is (a) bad for consumers, and (b) useless anyway. Jobs concludes by urging consumers to pressure the music industry to end DRM requirements. Yay!"

+ - MIT Professor on Hunger Strike

Submitted by Lisa Leone
Lisa Leone (666) writes "MIT Professor of Biological Engineering James Sherley began a hunger strike on Monday, February 5th ( cle/2007/02/05/AR2007020501086.html). Dr. Sherley has stated that he is on strike because he was denied tenure at MIT because of racism. Noam Chomsky and 10 other MIT professors have circulated a letter ( 2/chomsky_calls_f.html) stating that the grievance process that Sherley went through while appealing MIT's decision not to grant him tenure may have been flawed. They cite incidents such as "conflict of interest in tenure review," "space allocation," and "problems relating to mentorship and tenure review". It can also be noted that Dr. Sherley's research ( focuses on adult stem cells, and he considers the use of embryonic stem cells to be immoral. Predictably, the pro-life community has seized upon his tenure denial as evidence for discrimination of opposite viewpoints in the stem cell community ( l)"

+ - Free Geolocation for Everyone

Submitted by Tom
Tom (666) writes "IPligence released a new update for their free ip geolocation database, IPligence Community Edition enables any developer or webmaster to automatically recognize their applications the geographical origin of a connection allowing the customization of values such as language, timezones, currency, etc. It also can serve other purposes such as security. For more information and download: IPligence Community Edition."

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