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Comment: Re:Formal review of changes would benefit everyone (Score 1) 103

by Digypro (#30483020) Attached to: EPIC Files FTC Complaint Over Facebook's New Privacy Policy

I think that expecting users to flee a service following troublesome changes is unrealistic.

I disagree, think of Friendster, or even Myspace...the social networking crowd can be fickle, if facebook screws up that leaves a market opening for a competitor (ie. Google, Microsoft etc)

Comment: Not speaking for all libertarians (Score 3, Informative) 944

by Digypro (#29849599) Attached to: When Libertarians Attack Free Software
While this may be the opinion of the small group of libertarians who did this study, I know for a fact that many proponents of the Austrian School of Economics would not agree. The Austrian school forms a basis for libertarian philosophy. There are several Austrians who argue against IP altogether, so I see this as a misrepresentation of the platform. Look up Stephan Kinsella for instance.

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