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Comment: Reasons? Reasons?! (Score 1) 6

by Dewb (#47282397) Attached to: DIY physics: A spark chamber on a steel tower, for no reason.

Hey, there were DEFINITELY reasons behind the whole thing, good ones too, but nobody can remember them at this point. It was late, there were beverages, etc.

OP didn't want to link directly to the kickstarter, but I think the KS video is a more comprehensive explanation of just how bonkers this installation will be.


Feel free to ignore the cash pleas and just focus on the insanity!

+ - DIY physics: A spark chamber on a steel tower, for no reason.-> 6

Submitted by Gigabit Switchman
Gigabit Switchman (16654) writes "Slightly deranged hoopy frood (and artist) Douglas Ruuska has convinced a bunch of folks to help him build a functioning spark chamber (which is pretty cool, high voltage FTW), and then to put it on top of a steel tower covered with a few kW of addressable LEDs. Because that totally makes sense. The particle detectors will output data to a BeagleBone that controls the LEDs, and the design is being open-sourced once it's functional. Details at the story URL. (They're also running a Kickstarter, but I'm not linking that.)"
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