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Comment Most importantly (Score 2) 90

As somebody who likes to teach math privately to people I recommend one thing first and foremost: Intuition. In mathematics, intuition is often thrown under the carpet as distracting from playing with mathematical concepts but in order to understand mathematics, you need to understand WHY people made formulas the way they do. As a result, students often have a 'see monkey, do monkey' mentality while having no true understanding of the topic. People with even less understanding aren't even able to replicate the desired results.

In general, the less the student has a feeling for mathematics, the more you need to teach intuition first and formulas later. Math students are of course required to have a higher level of understand, but this is obvious.

Comment Re:Dumb argument (Score 2) 80

Bullshit. If you advertise X, then you should assume, right from the very beginning, that *EVERYONE* is going to use the maximum amount of X, and plan accordingly. Otherwise, it demonstrates that you are dishonest and never intended for people to actually use X -- it was just an advertising gimmick designed to draw people in for something that you never intended to deliver.

You probably know about internet overselling. In fact, the statistical truth that not everyone is going to use a service to the maximal extent of their capability is used in every area where people need to plan. You don't dedicate a persons internet line to them personally since it is quite unlikely that they use it fully all the time. You don't have as many toilets as employees at a company as not everyone will use it at the same time. If you offer storage, not everyone will use the same amount of space as the needs of people are different.

Ofcourse, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be prepared for heavier usage of your system. But to expect MS or Google to make good on all the potential storage space they offered for the total price of zero is lunacy and doesn't work in the real world.

Submission + - ESR: Radical Feminists Are Attempting to Frame Linus, Others for Sexual Assault (ibiblio.org)

_KiTA_ writes: Open Source Pioneer Eric S. Raymond has revealed explosive allegations on his blog, claiming that he has a source with evidence that the Ada Initiative, a tech initiative designed to support women in open source, has been attempting to frame Linus Torvalds and other high profile members of the Linux and Open Source community for sexual assault. Linus has been noted for never being alone at conferences as of late, apparently this is a defensive move due to repeated attempts to "scalp" him — getting him alone and then immediately pushing a fake claim of sexual harassment or assault to either have him arrested or pulled off Linux development.

Possibily related to October's Linux Kernel Dev Sarah Sharp Quits, Citing 'Brutal' Communications Style story on how feminist Sarah Sharp took words out of context to try and suggest Linus and Greg were being aggressive monsters on the Kernel Mailing List — something she equates with physical violence on her blog.

Sarah Sharp is a member of the Ada Initiative's Advisory Board, the group that is apparently behind the attempt to frame Linus, among others, for sexual misconduct.

Comment Funny (Score 4, Informative) 143

" The Allies were able to take the Axis by surprise as it was assumed the armored divisions wouldn't be able to break through this area.: ...which is funny because the French didn't expect the tanks of the Germans to be able to pass through the Ardennes. The moment they realized what the plan was, it was too late and France had no option but to surrender, even if possessing a superior force.

Comment Re:It's the end of the world as we know it! (Score 5, Insightful) 307

Trying to get companies with big internet presence to return their allocated blocks to the (ARIN)-pool would take for too much time and effort and is without any form of guarantee. Furthermore, even if they would manage to return the blocks to the pool in a couple of years, it would both be too late and too little and the demand for address space far outpaces the supply that ipv4 can offer. Realistically, ipv6 is the only long-term solution for any part of the world even including Africa as the increase of internet availability on the continent will rapidly consume their own pool. Hopefully, the African states are smart enough to push for an ipv6-enabled infrastructure.

Comment Re:Easy (Score 1) 613

From the Wikipedia article for your google search

"As a relatively new field of study, men's studies was formed largely in response to, and as a critique of, an emerging men's rights movement, and as such, has been taught in academic settings only since the 1970s. In many universities, men's studies is a correlation to women's studies or part of a larger gender studies program, and as such its faculty tends to be sympathetic to, or engaged in, advocacy of feminist politics."

Sounds like a part of women studies to me.

Comment Truism (Score 1) 244

When discussing documentation if thought about this rule:

90% of people want to have documentation
50% of people want to read documentation
10% of people want to write documentation

I think the above is the reason people don't write documentation. Few want to write documentation and they are often not motivated to write because people barely read documentation even if the see a need for it.

Comment Re:Freedom of Expression... (Score 3, Insightful) 424

Yet something could be true in a literal sense but give a deceiving view of reality. Imagine you sitting down at a restaurant and offered something to drink. You immediatly request silverware and the next two servers that pass by your table receive the same request. Now you requested silverware 3 times in a literal sense before you could eat your salad but the reality of the story is that you had no problems with getting silverware, you were just being an impatient douchebag.

There, I've set up a situation that could be considered libel/slander/defamation but be true in every sense of the word.

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