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Comment Stallman's open-source-everwhere view blinds him (Score 5, Informative) 208

Source: e-mail exchange with him, based on my shmoocon presentation on hacking USB flash drives.

In short: I said there's no way you can have open source firmware for a proprietary undocumented ASIC, that has to keep track with new developments in flash memory every 3 months.

He want on to ask if there was a way to buy a USB flash drive that wasn't field-reprogrammable, or to "convince a company to make USBs [sic] that way". I'm not aware of any, and it's impossible as-is to A) ask a vendor "What chips are you using?" and B) have the vendor use the same controller/flash chips on the same device.

Dude wouldn't listen, and I gave up trying to educate him.

Submission + - SPAM:

Dicdkerman writes: You know this in order to tell you about anything that puts forth the opinion of Fallout Shelter Hack Cheats so well. For those who are hitting the achievement that requires having several dwellers survive 15 hours in the Wastelands, this is actually pretty easy to achieve with an experienced dweller equipped with a good weapon and plenty of Stimpacks. According to Sam Costley, "When you go to bed, resources are not used here to download the software ===>>>>> [spam URL stripped]...
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Submission + - Cisco Talos Thwarts Massive Exploit Kit Generating $60M Annually From Ransomware (

Da w00t writes: Today, Cisco struck a blow to a group of hackers, disrupting a significant international revenue stream generated by the notorious Angler Exploit Kit. Angler is one of the largest exploit kit found on the market and has been making news as it has been linked to several high profile malvertising/ransomware campaigns. This is the most advanced and concerning exploit kit on the market – designed to bypass security devices and ultimately attack the largest number of devices possible.

In its research, Cisco determined that an inordinate number of proxy servers used by Angler were located on servers of service provider Limestone Networks with the primary threat actor responsible for up to 50 percent of Angler Exploit Kit activity, targeting up to 90,000 victims a day, and generating more than $30M annually. This implies that if you apply the full scope of Angler activity the revenue generated could exceed $60M annually. Talos gained additional visibility into the global activity of the network through their ongoing collaboration with Level 3 Threat Research Labs. Finally, thanks to our continued collaboration with OpenDNS we were able to gain in depth visibility into the domain activity associated with the adversaries.

Submission + - Bypassing browser pop-up blocking: When does software start becoming malware? (

Da w00t writes: Talos security researchers detected a malicious shockwave flash file that not only bypasses pop-up blockers, but also accurately fingerprints computers with the help of some Javascript. The “Infinity Popup Toolkit” is a prime example of software that falls into this gray area by bypassing browser pop-up blocking.

Submission + - SSH Brute force Attackers Taken Down (

An anonymous reader writes: Cisco Talos and Level 3 communications have worked to take down a group that was conducting large scale SSH Brute Force attacks. At times the group was accounting for more than a third of the SSH traffic on the Internet. The threat has been known and action needed to be taken. Show your support by tweeting #DownWithSSHPsychos

Submission + - Sniff and decrypt BLE with Ubertooth (

mpeg4codec writes: Hot on the heels of Omri Iluz's BLE-sniffer-on-the-cheap, I decided to write up the BLE (Bluetooth Smart) sniffer I built on Ubertooth. My sniffer is highly robust, can capture data from connections, and is 100% open source.

I also discovered a major flaw in BLE's crypto that allows an attacker to crack its encryption key and decrypt data, 100% passively. I wrote a tool called crackle that will automatically decrypt encrypted BLE data captured by Ubertooth.

Comment Classified. You keep using that word. (Score 1) 243

I do not think it means what you think it means. Classified documents originate from a classification authority. There is no classification authority within Apple. Classification authorities are within the state and federal government. While Apple is large (and last I heard had more money than the federal reserve), that doesn't mean they can classify documents :)

Now, there can be trade secrets, that's an entirely different thing. :)

Comment So, that KORUS treaty is still a problem, I think. (Score 4, Interesting) 378

Comment Go with Linode. (Score 1) 375

I've been a customer for what feels like 10 years now. Their support is great, they have knowledgable people and yes, you do get root. You can have console access, just not graphical console access. (Who would want X running on a colocated server anyway?)

Here's their faq: - They've got a great community, go pop on IRC on and join #linode. Ask your questions there if there's something you want to know that isn't in the FAQ.

Here's a referral link - you don't really need to use it, but if you do I'll get some free service as a thank you for referring you.

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