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Wireless Networking

Journal: I thought "they" were making WiFi easier

Journal by DNAtsol
Ok, I've dived in and signed up for broadband. Provider of choice is Bell South with the $4.95 for 6 months deal (assuming you sign up for all their expensive add ons - HA!). Over the course of the year my average will be about $27.

All seemed well. I've got it working with a direct LAN connect but now I've delved into the intriciacies of merging the westell 6100 modem/router with my d-link wireless router (DI-624_revC). NOT as easy as it sounds. I've checked out both the d-link FAQ and DSL reports and neither walk through is working for me.....

Will I have to break down and contact the D-link or bell south support line?! I certainly hope not.

For what ever reason the bridging is not working and/or disabling the dhcp server on the westell does not take even thought it says it is disabled.... hmmm sounds like a long night of config, reboots and wire swapping. Sigh.

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