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Comment: Re:Macbook battery life is insane (Score 1) 291

by CySurflex (#27533121) Attached to: My laptop's battery generally lasts ...
FYI - on MacBook Pros (maybe on MacBooks too?) - when you close the lid it goes into sleep mode, the little white led stays solid / on all the time, and the HD is still on and you still need to be careful of shaking/moving it too much. After you wait a few minutes it hibernates automatically, you can know its done if the led starts blinking/pulsing slowly, then its safer to move the laptop around.

Comment: Re:OK, dumb question after reading the article (Score 5, Insightful) 747

by CySurflex (#27300671) Attached to: Richard Stallman Warns About Non-Free Web Apps
The problem with that logic is that Stallman missed a huge point. If, from his example you're using Google Docs, even if the JavaScript is "freed" using his new standard with stylized comments and the @source directive - you are still accessing non-free server software (the Google web servers) that responds to the AJAX requests. Not only that, but your browser is also making a call to the Google Ad server, which also has non-free software. You might also argue that its being served by a modified version of MySQL thats non-free, and perhaps even the firewall and the proxy that its passing through is a custom version written by Google Engineers (likely.)

Belgium May Prosecute the Church of Scientology 755

Posted by kdawson
from the who-you-callin'-a-cult dept. writes "A Belgian prosecutor recommended after a 10-year investigation that the government prosecute the church of Scientology. The church is accused of being a criminal organization involved in extortion, fraud, unfair trading, violation of privacy laws, and unlawfully practicing medicine. Both the Belgian and the European branches of the church should be brought to court, according to the authorities. The investigation was started in 1997 after former Scientologists complained about intimidation and extortion by the church. Other European countries such as Germany have problems with Scientology, but in the US it is officially recognized as a religion. Scientology has 10 million members including high-profile followers such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta." Scientology has long used heavy-handed legal and other tactics to suppress opposition on the Net.

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