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Comment: another 600lb gorilla (Score 0, Troll) 232

by CountDown (#8803505) Attached to: Hidden Messages in Spam
Hello! People! There is a 600lb gorilla in the room. Think! This is just another scare tactic.

George W. Bush, and the other powers that be are going apeshit over the internet because they can't control it.

Bill Gates tosses and turns all night thinking about millions of email whizzing about from which is making not a cent.

Surely, there's an answer to both problems. I know, let's tell the people they need to be protected from spam! They want to protect us from spam because it's annoying, because it's immoral, and now because terrorists are using spam to send secret messages?

Good grief, we've seen this same tactic so many times. Spam can be annoying, I agree, but in this case the cure is far worse than the disease.

They are trying to scare us into allowing them to regulate the internet, or at least charge us for email.

More importantly, all of this communication scares them to death. They are afraid the great unwashed will discover the man behind the curtain.

RAM wasn't built in a day.