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Journal: Working for the Federal Government? 5

Journal by Chibi

I'm going to turn 28 soon, and it's suddenly hit me... thinking about a change in careers... I've been working in internet development the past 4 years, and I've enjoyed it immensely, but I've started wondering, "is this really all there is?"

My job has been able to provide me with a good income, and, while my finances are skewed a little bit too much towards entertainment, I'm in good shape overall.

I have an undergraduate degree in Public Policy, and the Federal government is in need of tech workers, both in management and actual techies in the trenches... but I've only heard negatives about the government from techies... stories about old technology, beauracracy, lazy co-workers (not that the govt would have a monopoly on this one), etc. People I know in liberal arts think that working for the government would be a great idea...

So, what better decision than to put the question before a bunch of strangers on the internet? What do people think about working for the Federal government?

Disclaimer: "These opinions are my own, though for a small fee they be yours too." -- Dave Haynie