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Comment: We shouldnt want to get rid of patents (Score 1) 105

Patents and Software Patents are a problem due to the limitations thats imposed. There would be no problem if there was restrictions in respect to original ownership and limited commercial gain only. At the end of the day the system as it stands overly protects commercial interests and overly limits human interactions.

Comment: Money motivates mongers (Score 3, Insightful) 463

by Chexsum (#38248016) Attached to: Swiss Gov't: Downloading Movies and Music Will Stay Legal
Real artists want everyone to enjoy their performance regardless of monetary reward. Real artists are also pirates that have chosen to spend their money wisely. Real artists are not complaining about supposed theft of digital copies because the poor artist is well-known. Burn, Hollywood, Burn!

+ - SPAM: Need help with my dissertation, can you recommend

Submitted by davidchatman
davidchatman (2261504) writes "I am an MBA student, studying at University of Texas. Honestly speaking, I am not good in English writing. We have assigned the last year dissertation assignment and due is on next month. I am planning to write on “Is sales promotion best and most efficient in this current global economy”."
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+ - Europe Accuses Google Of Monopoly Abuse->

Submitted by bonch
bonch (38532) writes "European antitrust regulators are set to issue a 400-page statement of objections accusing Google of 'abuse of dominance' next month, the result of an investigation launched last year after complaints from rivals that Google manipulated ad pricing and barred advertisers from running ads on rival sites. If found guilty, Google could be fined up to 10% of its annual turnover, which is about $3 billion. Microsoft avoided a similar fine when it settled its European antitrust case and included a 'browser ballot' in Windows."
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+ - Swiss Govt: Downloading Movies and Music Will Stay->

Submitted by wasimkadak
wasimkadak (1960958) writes "One in three people in Switzerland download unauthorized music, movies and games from the Internet and since last year the government has been wondering what to do about it. This week their response was published and it was crystal clear. Not only will downloading for personal use stay completely legal, but the copyright holders won’t suffer because of it, since people eventually spend the money saved on entertainment products."
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+ - Important EU Copyright Case->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Advisor to European Court of Justice states that software licensees are not allowed to observe, study or test the way computer programs work if that activity allows the program to be copied and copyright-protected information within it accessed."
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TI-Nspire Hack Enables User Programming 88

Posted by Soulskill
from the done-and-done dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Texas Instruments' most recent, ARM-based series of graphing calculators, the TI-Nspire line, has long resisted users' efforts to run their own software. (Unlike other TI calculator models, which can be programmed either in BASIC, C, or assembly language, the Nspire only supports an extremely limited form of BASIC.) A bug in the Nspire's OS was recently discovered, however, which can be exploited to execute arbitrary machine code. Now the first version of a tool called Ndless has been released, enabling users, for the first time, to write and run their own C and assembly programs on the device. This opens up exciting new possibilities for these devices, which are extremely powerful compared to TI's other calculator offerings, but (thanks to the built-in software's limitations) have hitherto been largely ignored by the calculator programming community."

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