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Journal: 1st entry

Journal by Cheesebear
hello.. i FINALLY figured out how to work out this thing so i could use it..... geez im soo slow! well, newho.. im bored, just got home from work a little uner an hour ago... and thanks to dav, i now have this journal as well as another online journal.. if u wanna check out that,.. its url is ... yah! okkk... yess... i like cheese... actually, its weird, but i don't like cheesecake... i recently had to choke down a bar i was trying to eat-don't ask why i had it in the 1st place... well maybe i do... im not sure, w/e IM TIRED! yah.. okk this is 1st journal entry, so i should probably tell whoever is reading this(u might not know me) some stuff about myself... umm.... my name is cheryl... or is it BOB?... its cheryl, but BOB is my alternate personality... Yah!... i have a b/f named Andrew, and andrew, if ur reading this, i love you very much... i also have no life(as i am caught continually saying)...i somewhat-recently highlighted my hair blue, going through a long process to accomplish this, and i was told the next night, that i had to dye it back a normal color or to do whatever i had to to get the blue out by sunday(this was a monday night that i was told this) and i didn't really feel like washing my hair 40-45 times b4 the end of the week! so yah.. umm.. i tood a red tinted color somewhat close to my normal color, and now i have roots growing in a little and i still have somewhat blue in my hair but yah! umm.. what else... im EXTREMELY short, (5') and im 14 turning 15 in june... which seems to be taking forever to get there,... and i should probably post this now because i don't know if there is a space limit, and i am being nagged to post... bu-bye! ~Cheryl

I never cheated an honest man, only rascals. They wanted something for nothing. I gave them nothing for something. -- Joseph "Yellow Kid" Weil