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Portables (Apple)

+ - Apple hiring more iPhone engineers

Submitted by Geo Kentraci
Geo Kentraci (666) writes "Apple is putting out a call for engineers to join its ranks in an effort to beef up its iPhone as it seeks to push its iPhone out the door by June. Beyond its hunt for computer geeks and hipster iPod project managers, Apple is listing jobs for a number of software and hardware engineers, as well as quality control testers, for its recently debuted iPhone. The company is looking to add 33 positions to its iPhone ranks, ranging from electronic engineers to an engineering project manager for its camera feature to a telephony embedded software engineer to develop more middleware features to add to its library."
The Almighty Buck

+ - Pirate Bay and Sealand negotiating

Submitted by
Kawahee writes "Coming off previous /. coverage of The Pirate Bay's intentions to purchase Sealand following it being put up for sale, The Pirate Bay has revealed on it's website www.buysealand.com that it has entered into negotiations with Sealand. From the post:
The Government of Sealand has initiated negotiation. Tomorrow, the ACFI and Government of Sealand will sit down in the SMTP chambers of the Internets to discuss the future of the micronation.
— We welcome the request and hopefully we can settle on a price. But knowing how hard non-kopimistic people can be to negotiate with, we will go with Plan B if they're not willing to meet our demands, press officer of ACFI says.
BuySealand.com is also now sporting a donation meter, and as of the 15th of January it stands at USD $13,714."
Data Storage

+ - Good-bye Blu-ray? Leading Porn House Picks HD DVD

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Many attribute the demise of Betamax to the fact that VHS had more porn titles. Will the same occur with Blu-ray? One of the most highly regarded adult video producers, Digital Playground, just switched loyalties from Blu-ray to HD DVD. Now, practically the whole genre is subscribing to the format. Does this spell the end for Blu-ray?"

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