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Journal: SURVEY I pity the fool that doesn't take my survey 1

Journal by Bi()hazard

So, the last time I put a survey on the internet I ended up with porn all over my profile, but I didn't learn my lesson. So! fools:

1. I should keep posting only select trolls under my username, and make most of my stupid one-liners and posts that actually are informative or insightful as AC.

3. Post everything except incriminating information under my name, so people can stalk it all, and I can get modded down into -1 oblivion. And one of you jackasses will do data mining to find out whether I really am a 19 year old girl like my profile says.

4. What happened to 2? Can't you count? No, I can't. Shut up. I'm too lazy to go back and fix that typo.

5. Post absolutely everything, including incriminating information, because I hate Bi() and want to sic the FBI on that troll.

6. Nobody reads anything I write, so who cares!

You can vote for as many of those as you want. in other news, I have a sig and a new journal entry. I'm so lame now. But I tell myself its all part of trolling, because of the valuable content contained therein. Oh, how I lament my newfound inability to put --some stupid stuff after my posts and trick people into thinking its a sig.

plus, if you saw my sig, you should use OMF. Why? Read the Ten Commandments, heathen, using OMG is bad! naughty! you naughty little boy! I may not actually be serious, but who could possibly turn down an opportunity to use profanity as a way of being moral and religious. oh, the delicious irony, I'm glad I live far away from the Bible belt so they can't stone me for things like this.

The 2000 Beanies

Journal: Journal Topic=beanies. yeah 2

Journal by Bi()hazard

What is this? spam on it. I COMMAND YOU TO SPAM. People should post anything here to amuse me, or amuse themselves (whether it's in that way is optional) Starter topic: why in the blue fuck doesn't slashdot have a +1 Sexy modifier?

"I've seen it. It's rubbish." -- Marvin the Paranoid Android