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Comment Dont blame Marissa. (Score 1) 159

Y! was eating itself from the inside out BEFORE the .com crash.

in 1999 they were Google, Ebay, Match, Facebook and Steam. All rolled into one.

Whoever sacrificed the dominant position on the entire Internet to form an acquisitions firm for worthless tech companies is a fool. But that decision was made while Google was run from a garage and Ms Meyer was still at college.

Comment Zuckerberg the coward HELPS nazis on Facebook. (Score -1, Flamebait) 116

He has a banhammer for anyone who wont produce their papers, yet blatant hate speech and proud nazi orgs like Britain Furst are welcome to spill their bile on FB.

The same Brit Nazis have been known to intimidate critics that they can identify and report the ones they cant. So Zuckerberg can do their work for them.

Europe needs strong antifascist movements, now more than ever.

Comment USB is a trainwreck (Score 1) 299

After the death of xp - some pretty hi-end synth/sequencer gear was bricked due to lack of USB drivers on a modern OS.

USB was over-engineered and chosen over firewire by idiots. The ony good to come out of it is phone charger standardization - except some chargers are nonstandard voltage with interchangeable plugs, resulting in ignorant USB users who then blame the exploding 4v device instead of their 6v+ charger and their own stupidity..

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