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Comment: Deja Food (Score 1) 323

by AndreyF (#17406388) Attached to: FDA Decides Cloned Animals Safe to Eat
In the news today, the FDA is poised to approve food from cloned animals. Apparently eating clones makes some people uncomfortable. Their thinking goes like this:

"I sure enjoy eating Bob the cow, but I wouldn't feel comfortable eating Bob the other cow."

Eating clones got me thinking about the intellectual property of human supermodel DNA. At some point it seems inevitable that billionaires will start cloning supermodels so they can grow their own girlfriends. Someday it will surely be legal in some country.

If you were a supermodel who had snorted away all of your money and you were now too old to model, and some billionaire offered you a hundred million dollars for your DNA, would you sell it? Assume you know in advance that the billionaire is a disgusting pig who will be raising your clone to be a brainwashed sex slave.

Assume also that your clone won't be forced to do anything against her will. She will simply be raised to believe the billionaire is a godlike creature and the rest will happen naturally. No laws will be broken. And she will live like a princess except for the part about being a clone whore to an old, rich fat guy. In other words, the quality of her life will be in the top 10% of the planet if you consider the wretchedness the average human's life around the world.

Would you sell your DNA for $100,000,000?

From the Dilber blog: 06/12/deja_food.html

"You're a creature of the night, Michael. Wait'll Mom hears about this." -- from the movie "The Lost Boys"