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Journal: Post Number 5

Journal by Adelbert

OK, this'll probably be my last post, as I get no comments and can't really be arsed.

I've recently been posting on the forum of the UK Students Linux User Group ( ). If you're a UK student who uses Linux, I recommend it.

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Journal: Post Number 4

Journal by Adelbert
After spending several hours downloading and burning the ISO for Ubuntu 5.04 LiveCD yesterday, I've spent most of today downloading SUSE.

At SuSE's FTP site,, you can download the full version of SuSE 9.2 Pro, which I'm doing. However, Firefox tells me my download rate is currently 24.4 Kb/Sec, and so far I've got 500 Mb of about 3 Gig. Looks like I'll be pulling and all nighter. And most of tomorrow morninger.

I always find my own journals shockingly boring. What can I do to liven them up?
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Journal: Post Number Pi

Journal by Adelbert
Currently BitTorrenting Ubuntu 5.04, "Hoary Hedgehog", LiveCD. I've never used Ubuntu before (which is strange, because I get through a heck of a lot of CDs just burning LiveCD distros), but its time to test the hype...

I'll probably find that it doesn't work on my laptop. Knoppix and Kanotix don't, and they're both Debian based. Oh well.

UPDATE: NO, it doesn't work on my laptop. The PC card screws it up. However, it does work on my main PC, and all is well.
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Journal: Third post

Journal by Adelbert

OK, I don't actually think anyone's read my journal yet. Certainly no-one's felt moved to post a comment. But if someone does accidentally come across this, I need your help.

I'm trying to set up some liveCD distros on my laptop. I already have Gnoppix and Slax, and Knoppix is currently 10% downloaded.

The thing is, my laptop has a built in wireless adapter. Does anyone know what I can do within Linux to make it detect the wireless adapter and thus connect me to the Internet. Any comments are welcome, particularly if they are accurate and helpful. Thanks again.

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Journal: Second Post

Journal by Adelbert
Well, it seems that the Mars rovers are getting an extra 18 months. I would write a long opinion piece on this, but everyone else seems to have got there first, as usual.

I doubt this is significant to most /. users, but on the off chance you don't see why Microsoft is so hated in the FOSS community, then go to .

The more I type, the less it seems I have to say. Oh well.

EDIT: I noticed that Firefox (and presumably other browsers) was murdering the link to, so I got rid of the URL tag and just wrote it in plain text.
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Journal: First Post

Journal by Adelbert

This is my first post here (I hate it when other people say things like that; why do I feel compelled to do exactly the same thing?) after registering earlier today.

Any bored soul reading this will be relieved to hear that I probably won't be bothered to add another. Trust me, I've tried blogging before. I'm not good at it.

From Sharp minds come... pointed heads. -- Bryan Sparrowhawk