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Journal Journal: AMD Begins Revenue Shipments of AMD64 Processors From Fab 36 4 4

"AMD announced that in March it began first revenue shipments of AMD64 processors manufactured at Fab 36 in Dresden, Germany. AMD said it ramped the new 300 mm fab to 90 nm volume production in record time, hitting every major milestone on schedule and beginning production at mature yields." Read more at IT News Online.
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Journal Journal: Momentum For AMD In The Enterprise Continues With Support..

"AMD announced today that its latest AMD in the Enterprise event is now available for viewing online. The latest online event features AMD Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Hector Ruiz along with HP Chief Executive Officer and President Mark Hurd and Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer. These industry-leaders will discuss how their companies are working with AMD to bring new levels of innovation to the datacenter, by focusing on issues such as automation, resource consolidation and increasing capacity, without increasing power." Read more at WebWire.
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Journal Journal: Dawn Of The Idea Czar 3 3

"Billy Edwards' colleagues at Advanced Micro Devices Inc. have called him their utility infielder. AMD's human resources chief Kevin Lyman calls him the chipmaker's agent provocateur. Officially, though, Edwards is called AMD's chief innovation officer, a newly created role for this senior vice-president." Read more at Business Week.

Journal Journal: Sun and SAS Announce Business Intelligence Software Support

"Sun Microsystems, Inc. and SAS, the leader in business intelligence, jointly announced today that SAS will port its data integration, business intelligence and analytic intelligence software to the Solaris 10 Operating System (OS) running on x64 servers. This new support for Solaris 10 on industry-standard x64 servers brings a lower total cost of ownership to customers running SAS software, along with access to the sophisticated features available only in the Solaris 10 OS." Read more at Internet Ad Sales.

Journal Journal: Digital Waves Launches TYAN Transport Server Solutions

"Digital Waves has launched Tyan Transport VX50 (B4881) server solutions, which offer form factors and features required to build best-in-class server systems. Aggressively-priced and specifically-engineered for a wide range of applications, Tyan Transport barebones servers and server chassis enclosures provide OEMs, VARs and S/Is with simplified, cost-effective components and solutions for building robust, feature-rich servers." Read more at EFYTimes.
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Journal Journal: Ampro Answers the Call for a Low-End ETX Replacement Module

"Ampro Computers, Inc., a leading supplier of standards-based computer systems and modules, announced today a cost-optimized solution for commercial-grade embedded systems that were left stranded due to a number of non-RoHS ETX modules that have reached end-of-life (EOL) status. Using the new RoHS-compliant AMD Geode LX 800 single-chip integrated processor and Northbridge, Ampro's ETX 610 drops into existing ETX baseboard designs to keep OEMs in production. In the low $200's in production volumes, the ETX 610 targets a wide range of high-volume commercial applications ranging from building automation to electronic voting machines." Read more at Yahoo! News.

Journal Journal: Blue Sky Studios Selects Angstrom Microsystems as Exclusive

"Blue Sky Studios, a Fox Entertainment company announced the release of Ice Age "The Meltdown", a computer animated feature film. Angstrom Titan64 SuperBlade rendering servers and Titan64 Creator workstations were used exclusively for the creation of this movie. Angstrom computers are powered by AMD Opteron processors to provide maximum performance while minimizing power requirements. Blue Sky Studios is using the Angstrom Titan64 computers to enable significantly more complex imagery and faster generation of animated features." Read more at Computer Graphics World.
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Journal Journal: DTK launches high performance AMD notebook

"DTK Computer Middle East, part of DTK worldwide network of branch offices, a leading brand of personal computers, notebooks and servers, has launched its latest notebook, Presto X55 in the Middle East. The 15.4-inch wide screen notebook comes with an AMD Turion 64 processor or a Mobile AMD Sempron and is bluetooth enabled." Read more at Financial Mirror.

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