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Comment Re:Cool, but... (Score 1) 379

Those issues can be addressed by particulate filters and urea injection, as the current diesels from VW/Audi, BMW and Mercedes demonstrate. I'm familiar with the VW/Audi technology, having just bought an A3 TDI -- their 2.0l TDI engine uses a particulate filter & is 50-state legal. Their larger engines use urea injection, as do the BMW/Mercedes -- the urea reacts with NOx to produce CO2 and NH3 -- the NH3 is subsequently catalytically reacted to produce N2 and H2O.

Comment Re:NOx and emissions? (Score 1) 379

NOx can be handled the same way it is in the newer "clean diesel" engines -- either through particulate filters or selective catalytic reduction (SCR -- basically injecting urea into the exhaust stream to convert the NOx into CO2 and NH3, which is then converted catalytically to N2 and H2O).

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