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Journal: silly bot silly silly pants

Journal by 2ainman
So recently I was having trouble with my Belkin router at home, and I went online to get a solution. On the site, there was a link that said "24 hour tech support chat" ... so of course I click it, thinking to myself ... is this a bot, or a high school drop out w/ A+ cert working shitty ass hours.
Here is the conversation that resulted.

Spencer Jones: Hello, how may I help you?
You: hi im having difficulty enabling port forwarding manually
Spencer Jones: Before we get started, may I have your first and last name, telephone number (with Country and area code) and E-mail Address for documentation please?
You: are u a bot
Spencer Jones: No...:)
You: hmmm
You: Erik Lyon (909)xxx-xxxx
You: U.S. .... xxxx@xxxxxx
Spencer Jones: Hi Erik, thank you for the information.
Spencer Jones: May I have the model number of the Belkin product that you need assistance with?
You: F5xxxxx
Spencer Jones: I shall provide you the steps for doing that.
Spencer Jones: 1) Login to the router set up page, by typing "192.168.x.x" at the address bar of the internet explorer.
You: ok one second, im doing this remotely
Spencer Jones: 2) Click on "virtual server/Application gateways"
You: which one?
Spencer Jones: Depends for which you are forwarding the ports..May I know the purpose?
You: i wish to forward for web traffic, but I do not wish to use the default port
Spencer Jones: Are you hosting any server in the network?
You: yes
Spencer Jones: In that case choose virtual servers
You: ok
Spencer Jones: 3) Enter the port numbers
Spencer Jones: 4) Enter the IP of the computer
Spencer Jones: 5) Check the box, which says "enable" and then click on "apply changes"
You: at the top or bottom
You: theres one at the top, and one at the bottom of the page
Spencer Jones: the bottom one..
Spencer Jones: If you face any further issues, please contact us. We are available 24/7.
You: wait
You: i've gone through the steps u told me before and it didnt work
Spencer Jones: I appreciate if you can call us on our toll free number so that we can diagnose the situation more closely and resolve the issue.
You: r u teh b0t
Spencer Jones: Erik, No I told you before...Do you still have a doubt..:)
Spencer Jones: I am not a bot..:):)
You: w311 m4b33 [f i |_|53d som3 real l337 sp34k i'd kno 4 5ur3
Spencer Jones: What's that Erik?
You: ahahahaa444444 de 60tz0r got f0oo00ol4d z0r!
You: 0 \/\/ |\| T
Spencer Jones: Ok I wait..
You: fare thee well Spencer "the b0tz0r" jones, for I will miss your compassionate voice on those quiet nights!
You: good night good night!
Spencer Jones: Thank you for contacting Belkin Technical Support. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.
you: harsh words I know all too well ...

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Journal: Everything sucks when you're gone

Journal by 2ainman
All I ever needed was to eat popcorn with you
Come on over, watch the late show, stay up talking until two

Today's the day you're leaving and tomorrow you'll be gone
You're in my heart and on my mind, I will bring you along

Everything sucks when you're gone
Everything sucks when you're gone

I dream of our reunion, makes me crazy just to think
How so very far away you are, my hope begins to sink

Today's the day you're leaving and tomorrow you'll be gone
You're in my heart and on my mind, I will bring you along

Everything sucks when you're gone
Everything sucks when you're gone

And it's not okay; I made dinner here for two
And it's not okay; I've got candles lit for you
And it's not okay; I've got your favorite records out
And it's not okay; you should already be in route
Toooo meeeee

Today's the day you're leaving and tomorrow you'll be gone
You're in my heart and on my mind, I will bring you along

Everything sucks when you're gone
Everything sucks when you're gone

I want you, I need you...
Everything sucks when you're gone

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Journal: sigh ...

Journal by 2ainman
crazy azn parents + holiday traffic vs. <3
Who will win?

crazy azn parents + holiday traffic?!

wtf :'(

So yes, another week shall go by w/o me getting to see Christine. I can't help but think that this has a little to do with my grandma being slightly racist. I'm not even sure if she's going to be at the barbeque, but I am sure that my Dad would put his mom in her place if she stepped out of line.

Anybody out there interested in dating an asian girl?(NOT mine) Well here are the requirements that you must have:

Financial stability

A job(which means less time with your gf)

A car.

Good grades(again, less time w/ ur gf)

Good looks, masculine appearance.

A nice handshake, manners, refined social graces, etc, etc.

A desire to possibly marry their daughter.

The ability to "make it happen" concerning the previously mentioned items, so that you are worthy of their daughter.

Thats all for now, I'll find out more along the way. If you have more to mention to me, IM me, and I'll add it to the list.
BTW, this post reflects anything but the idea of it all not being worth it.
I <3 my Christine.

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Journal: hmmm

Journal by 2ainman
Pennywise - Time to Burn

Time - never bothered me

till I saw it slipping slowly away from me

and time took my years away

Give me back my memories of a better day

and now I've got a lot to lose

I've got a lot to learn

and no time to burn

Rain - spoiled a sunny day

Till I saw those cleansing drops took the

dirt away

and change always frightened me

till I changed into the man I always

knew I could be

The last six lines should have been my senior quote.

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Journal: Lady Liberty takes a bath ...

Journal by 2ainman
So yeah, I went and saw "The Day After Tomorrow" with Jake Gylenhaal or however u spell his name. It was good. I went by myself cuz nobody is around during summer, and I've gotten into the habit of walking to the U.V. for dinner.

Theres just something about apocolyptic movies that always gets me. Really scary stuff, so inevitable. Most of the movie, I either noticed that my muscles were all clinched up and that I needed to relax, or that I had a big lump in my throat.

If ur unfamiliar with the movie, its basically about the world as we know it, on the verge of another ice age. The oceans swell, so much that the Statue of Liberty is up to her armpits in ocean, hence the title of my post.

The movie, of course, has to contain a few love stories to add to the drama. Had I gone to see this movie when I didn't have a girlfriend, it would have been an entirely different experience. What is love? I may or may not even be in it right now, but I know that the idea of love being lost or jeopardized in this movie really got to me. More so than it could ever affect me when I was alone.

In other news, the job has been going really well, I'm learning alot of new things. If importance can be measured by how many keys are on ur key ring, then step aside bitches, I own you. I'm quickly finding out how much more RTC's do than what the residents think they do. I've also become more aware of how unappreciative, and generally rude some students can be toward resNET. The nicest person I think I've dealt with all day came from the extension center, which means that shes foreign. A girl who has many language barriers between me and her, still managed to be courteous, polite, and appreciative. GG.

Good by for now everyone.

I <3 Christine

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Journal: hello again ... 1

Journal by 2ainman
Wow its been almost two months since I've written in this thing. Lots and lots have been happening. Things w/ Marlene have finally died down, although she has a book of mine, which I would like back but probably won't get it. So that was the one of the low points this quarter ... I also had to drop out of cs61 cuz i was scurrred ... gotta stop saying that! I bombed the midterm which made my interim grade not look so good, so why risk it. Besides, I was taking it way before most cs students. Take THAT Eugene! haha j/k. For awhile I was very tired so I stopped going to class. Which is very bad btw. Dont ever do that kiddies. Now I'm faced with tackling 9b, and i might actually have a hard time getting an A in cs12 :( English though, I'm kicking ass in. I'm finally over that nasty writers block.

In other news ...

Erik has a GF!!!

yay me. Her name is Christine and shes EVER so cuute. No wait, wait.. shes PRECIOUS haha j/k.

I met Ms. Christine Lau in the beginning of the year, because shes roommates with my friend/aquaintance from high school, BRITTANY BUUUSH. We went shopping, I checked out her butt while she wasnt looking, and didnt make a single move :( Then Joe comes to visit about 2 weeks ago, and wants to visit Brittany, so we go over there, Joe and Brittany start talking it up, and me and uhh whats her name start talking :) We really 'clicked.' And then guess what we decide to do, go SHOPPING again. Isn't it weird how things work out?

So by the time me and gimpy(she had a sprained ankle at the time, because of her careless frollicking in the foliage) got back to the room w/ our stuff, we were very flirty. All I wanted to do was see her ID card, its not my fault it was in her pants pockets! ;) hehe. So we did mucho flirting and before I had to leave, I managed to leave my sunglasses. God, I felt like one of those girls that leaves something behind at the guys place, or in his car, so that she can go back to him. But it worked out, cuz I got to see her the next day. We hung out most of the day in her room, and when Brittany left, I made my move. SMOOCH. Unfortunately, Brittany came back RIGHT when we kissed, kinda like a movie eh? So bad timing + me & Christine REALLY wanting to still kiss = Brittany gettin angry at me. Sorry Brittany, really.

I found Christine's blog on live journal, and its most recent heading is "i got a puppy...kinda..." hahah .. im a little puppy. Yeah, she wont want to call me puppy anymore when i deficate in her slippers :-D. Pooopy pants! I was looking for her journal, cuz she said that her first impression of me was ... well, a bad one. I looked in the journal, hoping not to see anything about me, and there WASNT ... so i hope i didnt rub her the wrong way too much back then.

Christine and I hang out practically every day, and always make time for each other. We like to play games on people, like telling them that we're just friends, or telling them that I have a small penis ... snicker snicker haha. Thats all for now! bye.

Disclaimer: If this post has made me seem less cool in your eyes b/c of its honesty and gushy stuff, well then f* u. I dont believe in being nonchalant, except in CS! j/k.

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Journal: Back to school

Journal by 2ainman
Ugh ... well I didnt get all of my goals accomplished on spring break. I wanted to make a home page, but alas i did not. Spring break went by way too fast. I did however manage to get my old burner from the dorms and into my brothers computer. Now I have a new burner in my school comp YAY. I'm now trying to see how long i can stay in linux without going into windoze. So far its been a pretty good success, and my CS classes seem to dictate that I will be using linux for a good portion of my work anyway. My printer was fucking up, but i think it was b/c I killed the USB process running inadvertantly, because i was annoyed at something not responding.

Well I got off to a bad start with my classes, namely my CS61 lab. Something about Indian guys and me dont seem to mix. My TA didnt seem too fond of me for knowing the answers. Yet he got mad at the rest of the class for not speaking up ... its almost as if he was validating his purpose for being there. Whats hexadecimal? A number system based on 16 instead of 2 or 10 for example. Whats a bit? ... data represented in the form of binary digits. Whats so interesting outside, Mr. Erik? ... Nothing, I was just distracted by the loud conversation b/w Dr. Linard and some students ... "thats ok MAN, if you dont want to pay attention thats ok ... you should always do whats in your heart, ... if you do whats in your heart .. nobody can bother you ... " blah blah blah. Maybe people like you shouldnt DISCOURAGE people like ME who actually HAVE his heart set on what hes doing. Maybe you should PRAISE me for being a good student. I guess i'm wrong .. after all im only a stupid student, and youre a graduate student.

Well in a few hours I will be going to my CS12 lab, which I hope to develop a better repretoire with my TA. Oh and my CS61 class was cancelled because there werent enough students ... which meant I had to reschedule my english class to a later date so that i could still keep the cs61 class. Getting out of english enabled me to escape from sharing a class with Marlene(the girl i did not go out with, did not care for, and did not break her heart, or for that matter, according to some people, cheat on her before spring break started). Too bad im not in Melissa's class. I just happened to walk into the wrong english class the first day, and i saw a friend from high school. SOOOO beautiful. Ughhh ... no chance of that though. My new english teacher isnt bad at all, but the time stinks.

Poor Desirae got kicked out of school, and now i wont be able to meet her in person. What a pity :( I really hope that when i go down to meet my clan mates in San Diego, that I will get to hang out with her at least for a little. Besides talking a little too much to Marlene and confusing me on some stuff, she seems like a pretty chill girl.

Yes, i REALLY need a job. I scheduled my classes just so for this purpose and this purpose only. I have an opportunity to get a job at $13/hr, but its off campus and i dont want to take the bus and have it cut down on my time. I'll call the lady anyway.

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Journal: SB

Journal by 2ainman
wow, that was like "super-ultra-mega gay" in the words of Dane Cook. I just typed out a whole fucking journal entry, then when i pressed preview... vanished. So now i have to type the shit all over again. Forgive me if it sounds like a summary now, b/c thats probably what it will be.

So what happened right after i get home from Riverside? The lan place that I go to often, and was going to get a job at, was robbed in the middle of the day, with my friends inside. I get an IM from sean saying "dude, we just got robbed." WTF? Aparently, while they were scrimming, some guy came in and robbed the place. Nobody even NOTICED!! It wasnt until the cops came in, that it was brought to their attention, and even then, they were only slightly distracted from their scrim. Sean said to Nick "man, why didnt you awp his ass nick?" hahhaa. Rob, a guy in the scrim online said "what u guys got robbed?" .."did he HS anyone?" .. no ... "what a nub!" hahahha.

It felt good to just hang out around Seans truck bed with my friends again. Its been soo long since I've laughed or smiled that much. We just stood there reliving the experience through sean, nick, and rod. I couldnt get that smile off my face for awhile. After that we went and played pool for awhile at Oak Tree Bowling Lanes. Surprisingly, me and Sean won. jeeyaah WHITE POWUH hahahha. After that, we went and watched "Lost in Translation" with Bill Murray at rods house, on his big ass TV. Good shit. Well everything was good shit except for Rods little sister. What an attention whore! What a Selina wannabe. "Anything for SELINAASSSS!!" No, NOT ANYTHING FOR SELINAS, NOTHING FOR SELINAS, YOU 8 YR OLD BUNDLE OF ANNOYANCE. BITCH. You think just cuz ur 8 that im not on to u? Go eat some more ice cream, I hope u get fat, u fatty fat fat attention whore.

Today, I went to the computer store near manna donuts to get some shit. I got 1) a new burner (52x i think) 2) a cheap ass video card for my bro 3)CDR's 4)Covers for the front of my backup comp b/c i switched out the buner in there to RTFM (my main comp) a while back. so ... 1) new burner should work out ... I have to go down to Riverside sometime this week to swap it out for my crappy one, so that i can give it to my brothers comp, aptly named PoS. 2)Cheap ass video card worked out in the end, but in the beginning, i inadvertantly caused an IRQ conflict, making me think that i had burnt out my bro's mobo. Eventually got it working. 3)CDR's yet to be used. 4)face plates well duh, they worked. And the guy gave them to me for FREE.

My project over spring break has been to get my backup comp running Slackware, as mentioned in previous posts ... i think. I mirrored an ftp site containing the distro onto PoS only to find out that for some reason or another, my computer couldnt reach his as an NFS. I didnt want to resort to it, but now it looks as if i will have to install via CDs. Ughhh.... So luckily, my friend joe let me borrow his shuttle because his internet is not up cuz he just moved. Anyways, it has a nice dvd/cd burner and a 200GB HD. So as of right now, i am d/ling the iso's so that i can burn them, and hopefully get it up and running by wed.

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Journal: ugh ...

Journal by 2ainman
... Havent written in this for awhile. So last Saturday I went home for my Dad and Grandma's bday. Not on the same day, but we like to combine them so we only have to meet up once. I felt like crap when my aunt asked me when i was gonna get a job and get a car, after my brother showed her his new mazda miata. Its not like he worked for that thing, he almost died and then sued the people responsible for all they were worth. What she should have asked me was "Erik, when will you have a near death experience and hit the big time." The typical American value of something for nothing.

So while i should have been studying for finals on sunday, i watched TV instead. Finals sucked. After getting back from Marlenes room at 3am i discover that a friend from HS that goes to UCR has IM'ed me with a problem. He took CS05 thinking that naturally, it would be easier than CS08. Wrong. CS08 = internet, word processing, and ASLoA (a shit load of acronyms). CS05, on the other hand, is basic programming concepts, through the use of visual basic. To get back to the point, my friend had 3 assignments and 2 labs that he hadnt done b/c his mom got cancer. How can u turn a guy down when his mom has cancer? So he carted my ass over to his room, and somehow we managed to get done all 3 assignments and 1 of the labs. I would have done more, but then he had to cart my ass back to A&I so i could get changed, eat a quick breakfast, and hustle to my ass to an 8am final in the UV. I end up being late, using ALL of the time to write my essay, then after that i had a 30 min break before my next final. Lets just say that he owes me BIG.

After those finals I had Math on Tuesday which i freakin BOMBED. After feeling like I needed to punch something, I felt a sense of accomplishment when I completely planned out a trip to UCI via public transportation. Go me. Then I set my alarm for PM instead of AM. Go me. It all worked out for the best b/c Daniel (friend i was going to visit at uci, among others) had a stomach flu or something.

Then came Friday, my CS final. Came in late, finished within an hour, and left over half the class in my dust. Pwned. :-1 Too bad all the jobs are going to India, because I think i have real potential in programming. Then again it IS Riverside, but then AGAIN Riverside's programming group outperforms UCI's at competitions regularly. After getting a hold of Visual within 3 hrs, and acing my CS final, im starting to feel really good about my abilities with computers.

Along those lines, im formatting my backup computer here at home, and installing Slackware, the next distribution I decided to delve into. I think im also going to make a home page while im on spring break. Check here to see if i have actually done it. Normally i'd make a purty page in flash, but i've decided to take the non M$ wInDoze! route, the path less traveled.

From time to time, my posts will have comments enabled, because aside from the voices inside my head, it can get kind of lonesome ... so HOLLA BACK YO!

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Journal: First Post

Journal by 2ainman
Everybody told me that I should have a blog such as xanga or livejournal, but I think this should do for now. It may not have pretty little pictures or cute little backgrounds, but it has everything to do with my passion: computers. Up at the top it says "News for Nerds" ... thats right, I'm a nerd. If people visiting my journal can be influenced in the smallest amount to read up on what is going on in the technological world, then i have done my job.

If you have a procedure with 10 parameters, you probably missed some.