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Journal: Hard Drive woes

Journal by 1eyedhive

now that the test is over, mabye this sucker will make it...

How can someone with 400 GB of hard drive space need more?
I've asked myself that very question. Oddly enough, I do need more space, although my server's usage specs say it's less than half full (320GB there).
the problem is age, the drives i have look like this:
game box: 40G, 20G
mediaPC; 4G (was above 20 til game box needed the space more)
net share manager: 4G
router (hot): 2G
router (in dev); 1.2G

the router's hard drives (both the red hat 8 hotbox's 2 giger and the gentoo (under construction)'s 1.2 giger) are dying. sector errors out the wazoo.

the solution to this predicament is simple: get a new, big honkin' hard drive for the game box and lay musical hard drives, santa can be helpful in such matters, santa, of course being my parents.

At 18 and still in high school (5 months to go, finally), with a consulting job on and off it's hard to get much in the way of money. i dropped $160 not too long ago for a 200 Gig drive for the file server to beef up it's RAID5 array to 220GB, leaving 110GB to the dogs ;) ) the trouble is, i'm on a short leash and these parents don't understand the difference between a router, switch and cable modem.

I do have... $120 now, but with christmas so dang close i might as well see if i can get some help with it ;)

curse this OSX keyboard, damn school iMACs... i want my mandrake!

An inclined plane is a slope up. -- Willard Espy, "An Almanac of Words at Play"